ANSSI Security Visa: a security guarantee for customers and a competitive advantage for providers

On June 21, 2018, the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) issued Security Visas for the first time to providers of…

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China and the digital revolution: how do you access a market with such huge potential?

China is an extremely dynamic market – the second most powerful in the world, in fact. The country is highly…

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Security and the GDPR: how high will your IT costs be in 2018?

At the start of 2017, analysis firm Gartner predicted that IT costs would rise by 2.4% across the world this…

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Brexit: the UK pushes for free flow of data with the EU

In June 2016, the British people voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, meaning the future of UK-EU…

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Global cyberattack: WannaCry ransomware strikes 200,000 computers around the world

A global attack. On an unprecedented scale. 200,000 victims. 150 countries hit. Paralyzing countless businesses and organizations. The WannaCry ransomware…

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Is the EU moving toward a true Digital Single Market?

Can we really say there is a Digital Single Market in Europe today? According to the Digital Economy and Society…

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WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook… could we soon see new European legislation for businesses collecting personal data?

Protecting personal data is a hot topic for discussion within the European Union. The explosion in popularity of messaging applications…

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Brexit and Data Protection

Following the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union, a decision swiftly regretted by many voters, companies in Europe…

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