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Financial data is sensitive by nature. You work with confidential business data and documents internally and alongside service providers: setting targets, forecasting results, managing budgets, managing risk, to raising funds and engaging with investors. That requires best-in-class productivity tools with excellent data security, for effective collaboration in a trusted environment.

Why Oodrive

Protect financial information

Ensure that sensitive data is protected to the highest standards of security while you work, with tight control over access and forensic detail on usage history.

with existing tools

Share data across apps and align teams with a single source of truth, with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing tools for salaries, payroll, and other tasks.


Optimize business processes with custom workflows and automation that draw more value from your data, enabling more precise forecasting, easier interactions with C-suite management, and the digitisation of sensitive processes.

Manage mergers
& acquisitions

Collaborate at speed on sensitive content in a trusted environment that protects the confidentiality required by all parties for work on mergers and acquisitions.

begins with trust

Find out how your business can secure sensitive content, without slowing down work.