Secure backup
& recovery

Protect your organisation from any event, with all of your critical data, systems and settings backed up in a secure cloud, ready to restore and restart in an instant.

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Protect critical data

Set clear parameters for automated backups at the right schedule for your organisation: monthly, weekly, daily, or continuous. Take action in the event of cyberattacks from ransomware or other threats, with instant alerts of abnormal activity.

Simplify backup management

Managing your backups is made simple by clear controls, monitoring and oversight. Eliminate the need to install and maintain on-premise infrastructure with an ultra-secure cloud you can trust – even in the extreme scenarios.

Get back to business

Avoid disruption and minimise downtime with backups that get you back to business in an instant, so you can pick up where you left off. Oodrive Save technical support helps you create and customise the backups you need to safeguard operations, without the need for technical skills.

Key capabilities

Easy administration

Create a schedule for backing up data that fits the needs of your organisation. Oodrive Save makes it easy to manage backups for unlimited users across content, data, applications & even complete systems.

Data encryption

Secure data throughout its entire life cycle with AES 256 end-to-end encryption covering transfer, storage and recovery, with options to replicate data across ultra-secure sites within the EU.

Remote management

Manage backups and data retrievals from anywhere via a secure web interface, and receive detailed metrics and up-to-the-minute reports on the status of your scheduled backups.

Instant data retrieval

Automatically retrieve lost data & entire systems with Bare Metal Recovery (BMR). Store backups for up to five years, with ultra-secure access restrictions. We provide on-demand technical support so you are never on your own.


Why backup company data?

Learn about secure backups systems, data encryption, and more with our FAQs.

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