How is the sensitive data of our children protected?

Hyperconnected, young generations benefit from easy and regular internet access at a very young age, and, most often from their smartphones which makes parental supervision more complicated. Furthermore, usage linked to social media takes up a significant portion of daily interactions by children in terms of socialisation. Yet, internet sites, mobile applications and connected objects […]

Five tips for choosing your board meeting management tool

While the global pandemic has spurred the digital transformation of businesses, it has also profoundly changed the ways in which these organisations communicate and exchange. According to an Ifop study, 51% of meetings now take place online. In parallel to these figures, cyber attacks are on the rise, having increased in 2021 and in the […]

Managing strategic meetings: why opt for a secure solution?

Cyberattacks on the rise, employees working from home, documents in digital format… The digital transformation is having an impact not only on how strategic company meetings are organised, but also on how they are exposed to risks. While online collaborative tools have emerged and proven useful to organisations as a way to manage such meetings, […]

The three latest Board meeting trends

Several new Board meeting trends have emerged in recent years against a backdrop of digital transformation, the threat of cyber attacks and hybrid ways of working with all three phenomena now considered essential tools for any organisation! In this article, we deep dive into the challenges and impacts of these three phenomena. Mainstreaming hybrid meetings […]

Online backup : what are the advantages against cyber attacks ?

online backup

In this period of fragility due to the COVID-19 crisis, during which work patterns and organisation were brutally changed, cyber attacks multiplied. Organisations were clearly not ready to digitise their processes so quickly and to securely support the remote working of almost all their employees. Online backup was therefore not a priority issue and its […]

Digitalisation of strategic meetings : which solution ?

digitalisation reunion

Technological developments have changed the way we think, act, communicate, consume and work. Within companies, the digital transformation is a major upheaval that affects all functions, departments and employees : everyone benefits from the advantages offered by innovations applied to tools and processes, which are more generally referred to as the Digital Workplace. This dematerialisation […]

Oodrive_platform : secure remote collaboration solutions

Although the issues inherent in the management of sensitive content are well known to companies, the health crisis has once again highlighted the imperative of using a secure ecosystem to manage this data. The recurrent and almost exclusive practice of telecommuting has put collaboration tools, necessary to maintain productivity, at the forefront. But the surge […]

Online collaboration: boost efficiency with a dedicated platform

More and more organizations – in the private and public sector alike – are harnessing the power of the internet to work together. And for good reason too, as the benefits are crystal clear for employees as well as managers. This modern trend toward more communications and agility is thanks to digital transformation. In fact, […]

Phishing: beware of the emails in your inbox

Phishing is a technique widely used by hackers to obtain your personal information by stealing the identity of a company, financial institution, or authority. The scam typically involves imitating the website of a bank or an online retailer. According to a study conducted by Intel, 97% of computer users don’t know how to identify phishing […]