Our CSR ambition: transforming ourselves every day to foster a sustainable world

We want to make oodrive a digital company that transforms societal challenges into opportunities and gives its employees the possibility of working for the well-being of all, while also acting to protect our planet.

Working to promote sustainable growth and responsible digital business

To reach our goals, our actions are based on three key commitments :
  • Environment

    Steering your transformation to support the global ecological transition

  • Societal

    Strengthening our social policy as a committed employer

  • Governance

    Assuming our societal responsibility and affirming our ethical role

Social and professional ecosystems have been transformed as the result of technological change and the development of new work environments. Driven by the increasing need for greater flexibility, mobility, speed and efficiency, today, digital technologies offer unprecedented potential. But, they must also address ecological and environmental issues which means that change is essential.

Uniting our ecosystem around societal commitments and values

Our CRS approach is predicated on the environmental, societal, economic and ethical concerns of our ecosystems. We want to make it the driver of corporate transformation towards a more sustainable world, with actions focused in three fundamental areas :

Steering your transformation to support the global ecological transition

- We measure our carbon footprint to understand the impact of our activities
- We implement a structured approach targeted at protecting the environment
- We reduce our impact on our ecosystems

Strengthening our social policy as a committed employer

- We defend human values in our daily internal and external relations
- We work for a fair and participative operation
- We support tomorrow's working methods with responsible digital technology

Assuming our societal responsibility and affirming our ethical role

- We give our CSR initiatives a strategic role for the company
- We promote the development of a cross-functional team of volunteers who want to get involved in environmental protection.

A cross-cutting team of purposeful oodrivians

We gave willing employees from all company departments of our company the opportunity to get involved in our CRS approaches. In this way, they joined a work group, operating using a shared model, with a mandate focused on three main  areas :

  • Proposing and implementing CSR initiatives;
  • Raising awareness, both in-house and externally, of environmental and societal challenges;
  • Measuring and monitoring  the results of projects implemented and sharing outcomes with the management committee.

Our CSR approach has brought together committed and purposeful oodrivians. For our employees, it is a way of increasing involvement on a daily basis, driven by upholding human values, to implement concrete action to promote the development of a fairer, more equitable and more sustainable world.

Cédric Mermilliod, oodrive co-founder and sponsor of our group’s CSR approach

Some key figures

  • 928
    tonnes of CO2
    offset in 2019
  • 84/100
    equality index
  • +20%
    more women since
  • 10
    purposeful employees
    to implement our CRS actions

Press release

Oodrive scales up its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

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Among our recent actions


Offsetting our residual emissions

By financing the construction of a photovoltaic solar power plant in Mauritius, we have offset 100% of our 2019 CO2 emissions and contributed to the creation of local jobs at the same time.

Reducing our employees' travel-related emissions

We have set up a sustainable teleworking system, encouraged our employees to use less emitting modes of transport for their home-to-office journeys, and we have committed to renewing our car fleet so that, in the medium term, it will be composed entirely of hybrid or electric cars.

Promote the circular and local economy

We favor eco-friendly suppliers and labeled service providers. We have eliminated the use of single-use or plastic objects in our premises, and have created a collaborative site for bartering objects and services between employees.

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