Risk & Compliance

Compliance has climbed to the top of the C-Suite agenda. In a Gartner poll, 60% of respondents judged regulatory and compliance concerns as the second-greatest risk to their enterprise. Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) teams don’t just need compliant productivity software, they need to create compliant procedures, train teams, conduct audits, and respond to investigations.


Financial data is sensitive by nature. You work with confidential business data and documents internally and alongside service providers: setting targets, forecasting results, managing budgets, managing risk, to raising funds and engaging with investors. That requires best-in-class productivity tools with excellent data security, for effective collaboration in a trusted environment.


You handle sensitive information on a daily basis, and you need to work with it fast, as you analyse liabilities, negotiate contracts, and provide crucial guidance on corporate governance. You need best-in-class productivity tools with the highest standards of data security, ready to collaborate in a trusted environment.

Human Resources


From employee records containing personally identifiable information (PII) through to compensation plans, HR information is often highly sensitive. You have to keep tight control of data storage and document sharing, as well as ensure the consistent disposal of content in compliance with regulatory policies.

Information Security

The rising risk of cyber threats and fast-evolving data security regulations put you under pressure on multiple fronts: from defining the best practices for secure business processes, to screening vendors, performing internal and external security audits, and ensuring full regulatory compliance. Alongside top security certifications, you need a solution that your business will actually use, […]