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A trusted collaboration platform brings together all the information and documents needed to move a project forward. Users have access to a virtual space where they can upload and edit files and share them with internal and external contacts.

Unsecured collaborative working online exposes a company to sensitive data leaks. More than two-thirds of organisations believe they are exposed to cyber attacks. It is therefore essential to choose a collaborative solution that offers maximum guarantees.

A quality collaboration platform must include features that simplify, optimise and secure project management: simplified navigation, synchronised editing and modification, administration of access and usage rights, smooth sharing, mobile access, etc.

Oodrive Work works with your company’s existing tools, including Microsoft Outlook. When a user attaches a document to an email, the file is converted into a 100% secure link and becomes accessible/editable by the recipient if they have the necessary access and usage rights.

Oodrive Work includes an advanced transfer tool which does not impose a volume or size limit for shared files. It also takes into account all types of files and folders. This means you can send and receive an unlimited number of large documents.

Oodrive Work adapts to your brand, so you can customise many elements. Each user can also customise their workspace file structures to store documents and share them efficiently and securely.

No training is needed! Oodrive Work is easy to use for all types of users, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. Everything is designed so that the solution is easily accessible to everyone. All the features are documented in the solution’s help area.

Oodrive Work offers three levels of administration rights management: for the supervisor (who decides the general settings and security levels), for managers (who create users and manage access rights) and for users (who access shared data).

Three hosting modes are possible with Oodrive Work: on-premise, in the public cloud (SaaS), or in a private cloud. It’s up to you to choose the hosting solution that best meets your business-specific constraints and security requirements.

Data protection is guaranteed by the European legal framework, which imposes demanding certifications and rigorous security protocols. Make sure data is hosted on servers subject to European law, as is the case with Oodrive Work.

For an organisation, sensitive data means information of economic and/or strategic value the loss, deterioration, theft or fraudulent use of which would be detrimental either to the organisation, third parties or the community.

Sensitive data may be lost, altered, erroneously deleted, damaged, stolen or used fraudulently. It may be subject to a cyber attack or a victim of insider negligence. To avoid these risks, it is important to use a secure file management and sharing solution.

The data exchanged within today’s companies is immensely diverse. This data is made up of office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), large files (videos, technical files, project follow-up, etc.) and sensitive data (defined above). A file-sharing tool allows for differentiated processing.

Mainly large companies and organisations are subject to special security requirements due to the sensitivity of their data (vital operators and essential services operators). Oodrive Work is the only solution on the market that is fully devoted to sensitive-document management.

Oodrive Work is integrated into a company’s email system so that a file attached to an email is automatically converted into a secure link. The recipient clicks on the link to access the document and can then perform different actions depending on the rights they have.

Oodrive Work does not impose a size or volume limit on shared documents. Its transfer technology allows it to overcome limitations: large files and folders can be shared quickly and easily.

Oodrive Work has ways to keep stored data confidential and protect its integrity. Access is controlled via a strong authentication system that ensures the logged-in user is permitted to access the solution and perform actions.

Oodrive Work is a SaaS solution that offers great hosting flexibility: public cloud, private cloud, SecNumCloud private cloud certified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency, or on-premises. Each approach comes with the benefits of the tool: a quick learning curve, an enriched and unified experience, simplified collaboration and increased productivity.

Data is subject to the law of the country where it is hosted. Oodrive Work guarantees its sovereignty by storing it in data centres in the European country of choice, protected by European law. These data centres follow stringent security procedures and have the most demanding certifications.

Oodrive Work has traceability features for documents exchanged and actions carried out by users. This way, administrators always know who has logged onto the tool, what documents they have consulted, and what actions they have performed.

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