Centralise and safeguard your exchanges of sensitive data with oodrive_platform

Oodrive_platform brings together all of Oodrive's application solutions within a modular platform – a Trusted Content Services Platform. Safeguard your exchanges, protect your sensitive data, build trust and enhance user experience.

In times of increasing mobility, we have developed a 100% secure and unique work environment that adapts to everyone's needs. The Trustred Content Services Platform makes it possible to combine productivity and security without compromise.

- Stéphane Ankaoua, COO d’Oodrive

The design of our solutions is a real thread to teach users best practices. Security must adapt to our users and not the other way around. The integration of these principles into our Trusted Content Services Platform was an obvious choice.

- Blaise Vignon, Head of Product d'Oodrive

For us, each client is unique and we support them in their need for security or sovereignty. The diversity of the companies we work with allows us today to propose a customized offer for each professional reality.

- Jeremy Leleu, Head of Sales d’Oodrive

Centralise and safeguard your exchanges with oodrive_platform

Control the entire data chain

Take control of the data and document management cycle and benefit from an application suite of five complementary solutions for collaborating, and sharing, saving, organising and signing your documents.

Optimise your work environment

Oodrive_platform optimises your work environment by unifying user experience, speeding up implementation and increasing team productivity – all in a secure environment.

Protect your sensitive data and safeguard your exchanges

Built around the concept of 'security by design', Oodrive_platform has a central objective: to ensure data security and guarantee the confidentiality of documents and exchanges.

Create your customized secure work environment with a suite of 5 complementary solutions

Sign documents

Oodrive_sign allows you to send and sign all your digital documents in just a few clicks. Create a framework of trust by ensuring the security of documents and guaranteeing their probative value, streamline your signature workflows and boost the productivity of your teams.

Our Solutions

Share documents

With our sharing solutions, edit and annotate your documents in a digital workspace, then share them easily from anywhere, anytime.

Our Solutions

Organize your meetings

With oodrive_meeting, dematerialize your governance meetings, secure your critical data and make important decisions while keeping your ideas clear.

Our Solutions

Save your data

With oodrive_save, save your data in a secure Cloud. In the event of a disaster, restore them and restart your activity as quickly as possible.

Our Solutions

Gain efficiency by choosing oodrive_platform

Address book

Management of contacts and groups for each of the business modules signed for and activated on oodrive_platform.

Access management

Access and authentication settings (several controls available).

User management

Creation, configuration and management of all user accounts, with the possibility of assigning roles to them.

Customisation of graphics

Adaptation of the platform's interface to the company's graphic charter.

Reports and options

Management of business module options and monitoring of user activities on the platform.

A platform that will no longer hold any secrets for you

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    A Trusted Content Services Platform is a modular SaaS software application that enables you to create, store and share content in any format, promote collaboration and ensure the security and confidentiality of exchanges.

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    A Trusted Content Services Platform helps to unify and safeguard the work environment, protect sensitive data and create trust between parties. It is also intuitive, flexible and upgradeable (option to add modules).

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    A basic Trusted Content Services Platform includes an address book, access and user management tools, a graphic customisation module and a reporting tool. However, you need to subscribe to the different business modules to take advantage of all the benefits.

Go further with T-CSP

Integrate into your daily toolbox

Because it is important to adapt to your ecosystem, our solutions integrate into your processes in order to secure your exchanges of sensitive data.

Use oodrive_platform on all your devices

Mobile and secure, find the platform on all your operating systems: Linux, iOS, Android, Windows

Manage your sensitive data with confidence