Meet the browsing needs of your company’s users

With an Oodrive browser solution, you can make browser management easy for your business. The issues associated with using public browsers in a professional setting are plain to see. Administrators will improve efficiency by managing all workstations through a single control panel.

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Keep cyberthreats at bay

VirtualBrowser allows you to browse in confidence, thanks to patented technology that isolates threats away from workstations and contains them within the browsing session itself. The technology relies on a combination of compartmentalization and remote navigation. This means administrators can allow sensitive workstations to access the internet without jeopardizing security.

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Access all your applications using a single browser

Designed for businesses, SmartBrowser allows you to manage web applications and associated engine and plugin versions from a single location. Compatibility, security, and administration – take back control and simplify how your employees use web browsers. Plus, you will enjoy support from our team of experts to help with change management and administration issues.

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