Optimize your storage costs

by automatically managing and moving your rarely used files to less expensive storage.

Automated archiving strategy

Your files that have not been accessed for a certain time by the administrator will automatically be transferred to less expensive storage.

Local cold storage or cloud storage

Streamline your infrastructure by storing long-term data on the Oodrive cloud or locally on LTO drives under your management.

Unarchiving to high-speed disk

Your data is restored to interim storage to facilitate access whenever it’s required. Your data will remain available for a certain period making it easier to use.

Manage your whole infrastructure

centrally and in a unified manner thanks to a single management interface.

Manage geographically distributed data

AdBackup is compatible with your workstations, servers and virtual machines, so that you can secure all your important data.

All your infrastructure in the same place

Enjoy flexibility in the type and frequency of backups, adapting to your constraints, user profiles and environments.

Hardware independence

In case of local storage on your site, you can choose the hardware best suited to your needs. Active Circle is completely hardware-independent.

Ensure user access

to long-term data and facilitate optimal use

A shared file on your network

You will benefit from assistance from teams and partner companies that are experts on the product. They provide you with professional support throughout your use of the solution

With transparent access

Your data will be more secure, stored in the Oodrive Cloud, according to the best security standards, within the European legal framework

An optimized interface for the media sector

Active Media Explorer simplifies your media file management. The application lets you index, search and view low-definition versions of your files.

"One of the advantages of Active Circle is that it secures data without having to do backups. Each new data item is duplicated and physically stored in two different places. Such automatic ongoing duplication is a good solution.”

Henri Pham, Administrator of the solution

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