Any data

on any devices, at any time

Offer multi-device access to all files

Thanks to the Personal Cloud, your clients can view computer files, documents or photos taken on their smartphone, no matter where they are, and on any device.

File-sharing with no size limits

No more problems with sending photos, videos or bulky folders: share files and folders of any size through an ordinary hyperlink, even if the recipient has no cloud account.

Protect your personal data

Personal Cloud fully respects the privacy of your personal data and European standards, and all hosting centers are located in France.

Precious memories

stored and shared easily

Protect the photos and videos you take with your smartphone

Your clients use their smartphones to capture the most important moments in their lives. Thanks to the automatic backup of the smartphone’s photo gallery, photos and videos are copied to the SOS PHOTOS application (available on Mac / PC / Android / iOS/ web).

Free up space on your smartphone

All these photos and videos end up saturating your smartphone’s memory after just a month of use. Thanks to SOS PHOTOS and its automatic archiving, the least recent photos and videos are deleted. Your smartphone memory is free again!

Smartphone photos accessible from all your other devices

Thanks to SOS PHOTOS, your clients can view photos and videos from their smartphone anywhere, and on any device.

Photo albums for your friends and family

What good is a memory if you keep it to yourself? Consumers want to share their best moments with their loved ones. Thanks to SOS PHOTOS, it is easy to send albums with hundreds of photos or bulky videos in just a couple of clicks.

Personal data

protected simply and effectively

Protect the personal data on your PC

Offer your clients the chance to automatically back up their personal data (invoices, pay slips, photo albums and videos). They can then restore the right version in case of a virus attack, loss, theft or computer malfunction.

An intuitive, easy to use solution

Your clients are not professional IT experts. They need a solution that is easy to use and that takes care of everything. Setting the Personal Cloud backup parameters is as easy as can be, and your data will be backed up automatically from then on.

Protection of personal data

Oodrive places the privacy of user data at the core of its solutions. The Personal Cloud Backup solution offers total confidentiality of personal data and fully complies with European standards. Moreover, all the hosting centers are located in France.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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