Sales revenue in 2017



15 000

Professional customers

1 000 000


Our commitment

At Oodrive, we think that Performance comes from Trust.
Trust brings serenity
Trust builds ambition
Trust drives Performance

For 18 years, we have been proud to earn the trust of 15,000 organisations and a million users across 90 countries.

In a world becoming instantaneous, when every second without data access can change your business;
In a connected togetherness, where mobility, velocity and agility means success and leadership;
But where cloud and mobility often pose threats

These threats can’t prevent us from reaching our potential
Because fear is a blocker and we prefer to be a driver
Let’s move away the barriers
Let’s push the limits

Oodrive is committed.
Oodrive is committed to protecting your sensitive data to ensure your business’s lasting survival
Oodrive is committed to freeing your organization and your users from security constraints, so they can perform to their full potential.
Oodrive is committed to ensuring that our solutions give you more and more trust, security and agility.

Your sensitive data is accessible at last.
Everywhere, everytime, for everyone. In complete security.
Welcome to Oodrive.
Welcome to security.


Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management.

Oodrive’s highly secure Cloud Solutions help organizations turn trust into business performance.
A European leader in sensitive data management, Oodrive provides Digital Workplace solutions for professionals to Share, Save and Sign their sensitive data, meeting the most demanding international security certifications.

Today, the French group employs close to 400 staff and has offices in Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain) and Asia. The Paris Research & Development center hosts 150 employees with a passion for innovation.

Oodrive’s Cloud Solutions are used by more than one million users in 15,000 companies of all sizes and across all sectors, in more than 90 countries and in 14 languages. Customers include some of the largest global corporations such as BMW, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Air France and Universal.
To meet the needs for sovereignty and confidentiality, pursuant to the current regulations, Oodrive provides each client with exclusive hosting of their data in the country of their choice. Their security is demonstrated by the following certifications: SecNumCloud, ISO 27001:2013, eIDAS / RGS, Cloud Confidence and France Cybersecurity.


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Oodrive is the first player to obtain the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency) Security Visa through SecNumCloud certification for all its Private Cloud services.


Acquisition of Orphea, specialist in Digital Asset Management.
CertEurope accredited as eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider.
Renewal of the ISO 27001:2013 certification


Oodrive raises €65m from 3 French investors
Integration of the certificate portfolio of SSL Europa.
Opens its first data center in China.


Oodrive was elected “2016 Champion in digital B2B” by the competitiveness cluster Systematic Paris-Region


Oodrive obtains ISO 27 001:2013 certification and ranks no. 29 in the GSL 100 ratings


Oodrive continues its international strategy by gaining footholds in Germany and Brazil.
Acquisition of Active Circle, a company specializing in large-volume data storage


Acquisition of CommonIT, a company specializing in secure web browsing for businesses.
The Keensight Capital investment fund takes over the shareholdings of Iris


Acquisition of Certeurope, a company specializing in e-confidence solutions


Time for Growth invests €7.5m in Oodrive.
Acquisition of Omnikles, a company specializing in SaaS solutions to digitize the tendering process.


Oodrive moves into Southern Europe with the launch of Oodrive Spain and gains a foothold in Asia by opening an office in Hong Kong


PostFiles revolutionizes the transfer of large files


Acquisition of the Belgian company BlueBackup, a distributor of outsourced backup solutions in Northern Europe


Iris Capital invests 4 million euros in Oodrive shares.


Acquisition of Mayetic, European pioneering specialist in online collaborative work


Launch of iExtranet, the secure online file-sharing solution for businesses, and the launch of AdBackup, the managed remote backup service


Marketing of “online hard disk” services


Genesis of Oodrive


Management Team

Stanislas de Remur

Cofounder & CEO

After obtaining an Economics Master’s degree from the University of Paris II, a diploma from the ESC Reims Management School and an MBA from the University of Melbourne, Stanislas de Rémur joined the Corporate Finance Division at JP Morgan in Paris before continuing his career in Australia. In early 1999, he joined General Electric, where he continued to work until September 2000, when he decided to create Oodrive, aiming to create the first online hard drive.
Stanislas de Rémur is now heavily involved in the development of cloud computing as the Vice President of Tech In France (formerly AFDEL), Vice-President of EuroCloud, Director of Transition Numérique + and Member of Seed4Soft, an association of entrepreneurs who finance innovative start-ups.

Cédric Mermilliod

Cofounder & Senior VP

With a degree from EM Lyon Business School, Cédric Mermillod began his career in 1998 in the Marketing Department at Renault Portugal and then Unilever France. In September 2000, he founded Oodrive with Stanislas de Rémur and Edouard de Rémur.
At Oodrive, Cédric is a Senior VP, specifically in charge of channel activities for the Group. Cédric is also Vice President of the FNTC (National Federation of Trusted Third Parties).

Édouard de Rémur

Cofounder & Senior VP

After obtaining a Master’s in Economics at the University of Paris II and a diploma at EM Lyon Business School, Edouard de Rémur began his career at the Société Générale bank in Hong Kong. Two years later, he joined Andersen Consulting, before resigning to establish Oodrive in 2000.
At Oodrive, Edouard is a Senior VP, specifically in charge of direct sales activities for the Group.

Stéphane Ankaoua

Chief Operations Officer

Graduate of ISG and Sciences Po, Stéphane Ankaoua served during his first 9 years career as Business Developper and Sales Director at Findexa, then Managing Director of Alcal Chimie. Between 2004 and 2010, he joined Hypred as Business Unit Director, then VP Sales & Marketing at MLstate (Wallix Group). In 2010, he joined GLS France, one of the leading parcel and express service providers in France and worldwide, and successively held the positions of Regional Director South West and Sales and Marketing Director, before joining Oodrive as Chief Operations Officer in 2018.

Elisabeth Clément

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated from a MSG, Elisabeth Clément began her career as a management controller in the industrial sector.
After 7 years as Administrative and Financial Director in the distribution of computer peripherals and consumer electronic products, Elisabeth Clément joined Oodrive.

jason-de-oliveira photo

Jason De Oliveira

Chief Technology Officer

After starting his career in Frankfurt (Germany), Jason De Oliveira joined the major American software publisher, PDF solutions, specialized in the semiconductor industry located in Montpellier. He then joined Paris region in 2008 working in an expert consulting firm where he specializes in software architecture. Four years later, he held the position of Chief Technology Officer, first in a fast growing consulting firm, and then in 2015 for the renowned French software publisher MEGA International.
Always passionate about software development and with over 22 years of experience, Jason is now Chief Technology Officer in Oodrive.

Jean-Louis Amice

Chief Human Resources Officer

A graduate of Sciences Po in Paris, Jean-Louis first held the position of Head of Mission to the CEO of G7, BEFORE JOININGthe French consultancy firm Beijaflore to lead career management at its headquarters. He then moved to the L’Oréal group for about 9 years, where he held a range of HR responsibilities, both in operational HR directions, business and manufacturing, and as Head of Learning for France, and finally as Head of Talent Sourcing for Consumer Division.
He later held the position of Human Resources Director of the Adagio hotel brand before joining Oodrive as Group HRD in 2017.

François-Xavier Vincent

Chief Information Security Officer

François-Xavier Vincent graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Lille in 1992 and has an Executive MBA from ESSEC (class of 2003). From 1995 to 2002, as Programme Manager, François-Xavier Vincent was in charge of upstream analysis and then security and interoperability aspects of a strategic Ministry of Defense program (Observation, Telecommunications and Information Programs Division). Between 2002 and 2008, he oversaw the development of the Ebios method for the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) in his role as Information Security Advisor. Then, he worked at AXA for almost ten years as Group CISO and IT Risk Leader, before joining Oodrive in 2017 as Chief Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer.


ISO 27001:2013

This internationally respected standard confirms Oodrive’s capacity to guarantee confidentiality, availability, integrity and traceability for its customers.
Our data centers are also all certified ISO 27001.

Cloud Confidence

Oodrive has Cloud Confidence certification, a standard that guarantees clients and users a transparent framework of data protection.


CertEurope is a qualified Certification Services Provider that complies with the Order of 26 July 2004 and EU specifications ETSI/TS 101456 and ETSI/TS 102042.
The accreditations of CertEurope’s solutions attest to strict compliance with the technical requirements drawn up by the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI).
Find out more: The ANSSI general security guidelines (RGS) for levels *, **, *** .


The ANSSI Security Visa through SecNumCloud certification recognizes all cloud solutions attesting compliance with the security requirements promoted by ANSSI, also for Operators of Vital Importance. Due to its ultra-secured infrastructure, Oodrive is offering three SecNumCloud SaaS solutions: iExtranet, PostFiles and BoardNox.

Customized hosting

Oodrive is aware of the problems of sovereignty and security specific to each country and guarantees clients that their data will be hosted only in the country of their choice: France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil or China. We have some of the most high-end data centers, which meet the highest standards in the sector. They are all at least certified ISO 27001; Level 3 compliant.

Oodrive, the trusted partner for sensitive data management

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