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Your data's sovereignty is our priority


of the data are sensitive content

Your content is essential to the development of your business; some of it is strategic and so requires secure management. Oodrive's sharing, backup and electronic signature solutions are the only solutions on the market entirely dedicated to managing this data.

Your sensitive data is in good hands

The first modular application suite for sensitive data management

Oodrive is the only player on the market capable of providing its customers with collaborative solutions for file sharing, content and media management, data backup and electronic signing that can be accessed on demand via a single platform. The platform allows us to bring together several

Security is written into our DNA

Data security and protection have been at the heart of our concerns since Oodrive was created. We are committed to developing solutions that comply with the security requirements recommended by ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency) and abide by current regulations. We therefore provide trustworthy services that protect our clients’ most sensitive content. The security and confidentiality of data is guaranteed by SecNumCloud and eIDAS qualifications, RGS***, ISO 27001:2013 and HDS certifications, and the France Cybersecurity label.

As we develop and select technological partners, we make sure to use the principle of “privacy and security by design”.


management of your sensitive content


secured application suites


unified and secure work environment

In addition to benefiting from a customised offer that takes into account all our requirements, we share security DNA with Oodrive as we are two French companies. Oodrive's sound knowledge of ANSSI, which is also one of our main partners, was a further guarantee of its trustworthiness.

- Jérôme Bertocco, IT Business Partner - Airbus DS GEO SA

Technology for your performance


Guarantee the continuity of collaboration and decision-making in any situation, for an optimized management of your projects.


Protect your sensitive data to guarantee the integrity of the creations and contents of your collaborators, customers or partners.


Capitalize on intuitive and reliable technologies to refocus on the essentials and boost your business.

Your security is our priority. Our certifications are proof of this.


The SecNumCloud Qualification Security Visa recognizes cloud solutions that comply with the security requirements recommended by ANSSI, especially for Vital Import Operators (VIOs). Currently, three of our SaaS solutions are qualified through our ultra-secure private cloud infrastructure: oodrive_collaborate, oodrive_share and oodrive_meeting.

Certifié ISO 27001:2013

This internationally respected standard confirms Oodrive’s capacity to guarantee confidentiality, availability, integrity and traceability for its customers.

Our data centers are also all certified ISO 27001.

Certifié HDS

The purpose of Article L.1111-8 of the Public Health Code relating to the hosting of health data is to organize and supervise the storage and retrieval of personal health data collected in the course of prevention, diagnosis, care or social and medico-social monitoring activities, under conditions that guarantee their confidentiality and security.


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