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Managing sensitive data requires a trusted partner. Oodrive allows you to combine productivity and security without making compromises. Work together freely on your most strategic issues: share, publish, organise, sign and save your most critical content.

Your security is our priority. Our certifications are proof of this


It is a qualification given by the ANSSI, the French National Agency for Information Systems Security. This qualification attests to the highest level of security in IT.


This is the General Security Reference System (RGS). It is a regulatory framework allowing to establish trust and security in the exchanges within the administration and with the citizens.


The eIDAS regulation sets out requirements for the mutual knowledge of electronic identification means as well as the electronic signature, for exchanges between public sector entities and their users.

ISO 27001

This is the international standard for information security management systems. Our ISO 27001 certification attests to our good practices in the protection and security of your data.


The Health Data Hosting certification is mandatory to justify the hosting and outsourcing of services and applications containing identifying and personal health data.

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We invite you to enter the new Oodrive universe. Structure of our offer, application suite, product names, graphic charter, brand promise, website: everything is changing! These changes are part of a constant ambition: to offer everyone an intuitive and secure working environment, in order to meet the challenges of today's professional world.

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Before integrating the oodrive_sign solution, contract management was time-consuming and costly. Now, we have a solution that is fully integrated into the day-to-day work of the legal department and our franchisees.

Ludovic Tassy, DSI du Groupe Alain Afflelou

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