Collaborate with digital confidence

Oodrive is the first trusted collaborative suite in Europe. Qualified as SecNumCloud by ANSSI since 2019, our SaaS platform guarantees cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and digital sovereignty. More than 2.5 million professionals have chosen to collaborate on their sensitive projects within the Oodrive bubble of trust. Talk to an expert.

The secure, sovereign cloud collaboration suite

Designed to enable both private and public organisations to collaborate online without compromising the security of sensitive data, the Oodrive collaborative suite offers a unique collaborative environment, enabling you to control the entire lifecycle of your data. The platform consists of four integrated solutions on a secure French cloud: co-editing and file sharing, electronic signatures, paperless meetings, data backup, and restoration. With the Oodrive suite, create the bubble of trust that guarantees the confidentiality, integrity, and compliance of your sensitive information throughout its lifecycle.

Collaborate in total security for your company

Secure sharing of sensitive files

Centralize sensitive documents, share them in-house or with your partners.

Online collaboration

Bring your teams together in dedicated workspaces, co-edit your content.

Trusted hosting

Host your data in the SecNumCloud qualified French cloud.

Security and compliance at the heart of Oodrive solutions

Your data is precious. With Oodrive, you can take advantage of a collaborative French SaaS suite that protects your sensitive and strategic data from cyber threats. Hosted in a sovereign cloud, the Oodrive suite complies with the highest security standards and meets the most stringent French and European regulatory requirements in terms of data security.


Oodrive is the only publisher to offer SaaS solutions that have been SecNumCloud-qualified by ANSSI since 2019. Our solutions guarantee the highest level of protection for sensitive data held by private companies, public administrations, Important Entities, and Essential Entities. Find out more about our SecNumCloud offering.

Compliant with regulations

Oodrive collaboration tools comply with the strictest French and European regulatory standards for the security of your data: ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 for the confidentiality, availability, integrity, and traceability of your data, HDS for the processing of health data, eIDAS 2.0 for e-signature, as well as NIS2, DORA, RGPD, etc.

A sovereign cloud

Oodrive is 100% owned and operated in France and hosts its customers’ data in France. Your data therefore benefits from maximum security and is protected against extraterritorial laws, such as the US Cloud Act, Patriot Act, or FISA. These guarantees make Oodrive a trusted partner, listed with the UGAP-SCC, the GouvTech catalogue, and the CAIH (Central Purchasing Office for Hospital IT).

Connect your applications to Oodrive

Oodrive interfaces with the third-party solutions of your information system and offers a selection of secure partner applications. In this way, your data can be accessed by your teams in a ecosystem of easy-to-use, trusted tools.

Help your teams succeed

At Oodrive, we are committed to offering you the best services to help you reach your objectives. Thanks to Oodrive Success, help your teams with the implementation of their projects. And, with Oodrive University, facilitate the adoption of our solutions.

Offer your teams programs on training, advice and implementation to enable them to reach their compliance objectives, without disrupting your activities.

More than 3,500 companies place their trust in us

“We supply jets, both for commercial use and for the defense sector, we need a secure system to share confidential information with our subisidiaries. Oodrive is this system.”

Laurent Bendavid,
CIO, Dassault Aviation

“We use Oodrive Meet for all our board meetings to ensure that everyone, including independent members, benefits from fast and secure access to the confidential documents needed”.

Jelle Jacquet,
Assistant Personnel Manager

“Only those who need to see the confidential data should be able to access it. Oodrive Meet is a software solution that lets us do just that.”

Wilfried Laumond,
Head of Cyber Security Risk & Services



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