Frictionless security
to collaborate in confidence.

Oodrive is Europe’s first trusted collaboration suite. Join more than one million people using Oodrive to collaborate, communicate and make business flow with transparent tools to ensure security, sovereignty, and compliance.

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Foundational security for agile collaboration

Secure the sensitive content and critical processes at the heart of your business. Oodrive’s intuitive, easy-to-use collaboration tools combine the efficiency of cloud-based collaboration with the highest security standards and data sovereignty, giving teams the confidence they need to get work done.

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Gold-standard certification

Oodrive is ANSSI SecNumCloud accredited and meets the most stringent criteria in place for handling sensitive data and operating critical infrastructure.


Comply in full with local legislation and insulate your organisation from extraterritorial measures, including the US Cloud Act. Oodrive is fully independent in its corporate structure, ownership, operations and technology.


Take control of your content with sophisticated user permission settings, detailed classification controls and more, making it easy to implement the security, governance and compliance policies you need.

Your trusted collaboration suite

Create, collaborate and share in a trusted environment for all of your critical content and documents.
Discuss sensitive subjects in a secure environment with video conferencing, scheduling and meeting tools.
Combine the speed of electronic signatures with the compliance you need to build business relationships based on trust.

Create seamless integrations with your favourite collaboration tools and connect to an ecosystem of secure-certified apps.


Empower your teams with implementation, consulting and training services that help secure compliance objectives with minimal disruption.

Trusted by more than 3,500 companies

“Currently used within the framework of contract activities and property development, the Oodrive solution has clearly become essential for us.”
Reginald Cartuyvels ,
IT Business Partner, CFE Groupe
La Croix Rouge de Belgique
La Croix Rouge de Belgique
“Compared to the tools we used before, it’s like night and day!”
Manon Vomberg ,
Management Assistant in charge of audiovisual projects at the Belgian Red Cross
“Setting up a tool for external collaboration is something that we would typically expect to take weeks. With Oodrive, we are ready in one day.”
Yannick Lestriez ,
CISO & Infrastructure Manager, Arquus
“Oodrive Sign is central to our automated contract tool for SMEs. It’s intuitive and very easy-to-use, so we can make it easy for salespeople to create, edit, and sign new contracts at speed.”
Chi Minh Bui ,
Director of Information Systems, Uniprévoyance
“Oodrive Sign is the last step in our transformation process: it is mainly used within Rhonis for the moment, but we plan to roll it out throughout the whole group very soon. Considering the advantages of this new tool, one thing is certain... we could not go back to the old way of doing things.”
Philippe Galera ,
CEO, Rhoni Group
“Only the people who need to see confidential data should be able to access it. Oodrive Meet makes that possible.”
Wilfried Laumond ,
Head of Cyber Security Risk & Services, Sanofi

Teamwork begins with trust

Find out how your business can secure sensitive content, without slowing down work.

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