End-to-end encryption by Oodrive

Companies process highly confidential data. Today, digital has become widely popularized in organizations that are increasingly using the cloud to exchange documents. We must then manage all aspects related to data security.

End-to-end encryption is a perfect solution. Indeed, it makes information readable only by the sender and the recipient. No one else can decipher them, whether it is the Internet access provider, a monitoring program or an application service provider.

Symmetric encryption uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt messages. This corresponds to the analogy of the padlock: there is only one key that can open the padlock, and it must be transmitted (or send a copy) to the recipient to be open. At Oodrive, we use the AES 256 CBC algorithm for symmetric encryption

Asymmetric encryption uses not one key, but two! One key to encrypt a message, and another to decrypt it. At Oodrive, we use the ECDHE : Curve25519 algorithm for asymetric encryption.

To ensure the integrity and authenticity of the data, Oodrive use the HMAC-SHA256 algorithm.