When thinking about the security of your data, you need to think about how it is hosted. Where will your data be stored? What kind of environment will it be? What regulations govern it? To guarantee the highest security possible for your data, your data center must have strict security procedures in place.

ISO 27001 data center

ISO 27001 lays down the requirements for information security management systems. This standard helps organizations that want to systematically identify any vulnerabilities and risks in their data to guarantee availability, integrity, and confidentiality toward their customers, shareholders, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders.

With ISO 27001 certification, service providers demonstrate to their customers that they have implemented a coherent set of good practices to ensure data security.

ISO 27001 provides a clear and robust answer to the questions that many organizations have about the security of migrating to the cloud. The label also proves that a company has put a continuous improvement procedure in place

Using an HSM

A Hardware Security Module is an encryption device used to generate, store, and protect cryptographic keys. This also speeds up encryption, and can be used to secure a server, as well as an entire network.

An HSM is operated using smart cards, resulting in the creation of a master key capable of encrypting the data hosted on the application servers. This encryption prevents any unauthorized access or modification.

Data storage location

It is essential for any business these days to know exactly where its data and that of its customers, service providers, and partners is stored. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data centers must offer the highest guarantees in terms of security. Companies in Europe need to guarantee that the data they handle is stored locally.

A file sharing solution has to be available at all times. To reduce the risk of downtime, poor performance, and infiltration by malicious software, choose a file sharing solution from a provider that owns and operates geo-redundant data centers. Opt for local data storage. Your data is stored within a specific perimeter, offering you better control and increased confidentiality.