Oodrive Sign integration for Liberfit

Liberfit facilitates the management of subscription sales by integrating the Oodrive Sign electronic signature and by automating the sending of contracts at the time of sale.  Contracts are found signed in the customer’s file with the possibility of easily re-sending unsigned contracts.

How Oodrive Sign works with Liberfit

The Liberfit software offers a wide range of management features designed to simplify and optimise your business: CRM, invoicing/collection, online reservations and payment, email/sms campaigns, automatic reminders, statistics, etc.

The integration of Oodrive Sign with Liberfit allows you to automatically collect electronic signatures on subscription contracts to simplify your sales process and centralise your documents.

Benefits of integrating Oodrive Sign with Liberfit

  1. Customised contracts: your contracts are automatically adapted with your customer’s information (name, first name, address, subscription, access, payment method, etc.)
  2. Automatic sending of the contract: the contract is sent automatically when the customer buys the subscription at the counter or on the online shop.
  3. Compliance with current standards: benefit from the full eIDAS and RGPD compliance of a solution designed and hosted in Europe.

What our customers say

"Professional management software that is very comprehensive and easy to use. It has saved us a lot of time on a daily basis. Subscriptions are easy to collect and contracts are sent automatically."
Romain P.

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