Oodrive Sign integration for Linkpick

Linkpick (HRtech) optimises, by digitalising all the sourcing, qualification, recruitment and follow-up processes, the HR functions that are still carried out in a way that is too conventional by the operators involved (schools, companies, trainees/internees, etc.). Linkpick’s main advantages are time saving through dematerialisation and efficient intermediation.

How Oodrive Sign works with Linkpick

  1. Recruit and invite a student to a class or team
  2. Send your contract (tripartite) for signature via Oodrive Sign
  3. Track the status of signatures
  4. Retrieve your signed document from your Linkpick space

Benefits of integrating Oodrive Sign with Linkpick

  1. Find and hire: find the ideal candidate from your Linkpick tool and manage and track your tripartite contracts without leaving your space.
  2. EU compliance: benefit from full eIDAS and RGPD compliance for your tripartite contracts.
  3. Ease and simplicity: the integration and customisation of Oodrive sign through the Linkpick solution ensures a fluid use for our users.

What our customers say

"A tool that is very easy to use, an efficient team in the operationalization of our school portal. We have a lot of faith in this solution, which should make it easier for young people to find a work-linked training scheme, but also for training establishments and companies"
Wilfried P. ,Head of employment guidance - business relations CCI

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