Access all your applications from a single tool

with an optimal configuration for each application, with no impact on the user.

A single browser for all engines and plugins

Get all the rendering engines (Blink, Gecko, MSHTML, and Webkit) and plugins (Java, Flash and Oracle Jinitiator) within a single browser

Application-specific configuration

Select the exact version of the browser or plugin from the numerous available options to set up the specific configuration required by the application.

Transparency for users

The applications runs transparently for your users. They will no longer have to worry about which browsers or versions to use and the requirements for workstation resources will decrease.

Control vulnerabilities

related to the browser environment and oversee the update process for the various engines and plugins.

Compartmentalize your obsolete engines

You can authorize the use of obsolete engines or technologies for the applications and websites by compartmentalizing them exclusively for the relevant URLs.

Centralized and monitored updates

Your update processes will be centralized: once they are downloaded to the server by the administrator, they are then downloaded onto the agents.

Micro-virtualization of Java and Flash

Streamline the Java and Flash update processes. Thanks to their micro-virtualization, they can be decorrelated from the application layer of the workstation.

Manage access to the various web applications

within a single centralized administration platform and eliminate the exceptions.

More flexibility in your management

Reconfigure any application with just a few clicks while managing users in groups from the Management Platform.

Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of application maintenance, support and migration to a new browser by optimizing the browser environment.

Customized support

Benefit from support by a team specialized in your product, for configuration and change management of your environment.

“At ASL Airlines, our applications are in SaaS mode. Compatibility problems between the browsers and applications were making it complicated to keep the workstations running optimally. SmartBrowser has been a great lever in optimizing our IT infrastructure. It boosts employee efficiency and cuts down on the costs of web application management"

Francis Brisedoux, IT Manager of ASL Airlines

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