Master critical data protection

Ensure activity restart in case of IT issue by being sure that your company’s essential data are protected. You secure them with solutions conceived in order to follow the highest security standards. And you follow the evolution of this protection thanks to reporting and dashboard features.

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Back up your data

Restart your operations in record time after a cyberattack or incident, thanks to AdBackup – our online backup solution. The backup of your entire computer equipment is completely transparent to your users. All your workstations, servers, virtual machines and applications are backed up with a single solution.

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Anticipate and respond quickly

Data loss is a critical moment of company life. Oodrive aim to give you everything you need to overcome these challenges as fast as possible. That’s why we have created features that allow you to anticipate but also react in the most efficient manner while benefiting of our expert customer care

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"We didn't used to have anything automated. We were looking for a solution that could ensure backups and security of the data of our VIPs such as our researchers in France and abroad and, above all, that would work without requiring too many user actions."

Stéphane Auzanneau, Information Systems Director at Sciences Po

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"One of the advantages of Active Circle is that it secures data without having to do backups. Each new data item is duplicated and physically stored in two different places. Such automatic ongoing duplication is a good solution.”

Henri Pham, Administrator of the solution

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