Outsourcing data is a difficult decision for a company to make. But cloud adoption is very much a reality in the business world. The latest forecasts from Gartner show that the public cloud market will grow by more than 17% in 2019. Yet, some companies – including Operators of Vital Importance (OVIs) – still need a level of data security that exceeds what the public cloud can offer. That’s why they are turning to private cloud solutions.

The SecNumCloud (SNC) label sets a high standard of security that companies and government authorities should expect from their cloud service providers. In January 2019, Oodrive became the first cloud service provider to obtain the Security Visa from the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), under the SecNumCloud label, for its private cloud sync and share services.

So, what makes the private cloud different from the public cloud? What kind of needs is this technology better suited to? What additional guarantees do Oodrive’s private cloud solutions certified by SecNumCloud offer?

Private cloud : dedicated resources and services

The private cloud (also known as the dedicated cloud) is a solution whose resources and services are entirely devoted to the individual user. In the public cloud, on the other hand, the resources are shared. The high level of security you get with the private cloud is also indisputable. From dedicated servers and HSM devices to support in project mode and audits, private cloud solutions are designed to guarantee total security for your company’s data. Plus, the use of dedicated hardware adds a physical barrier in addition to compartmentalization, making these solutions even more secure.

Strong safeguards on security

Oodrive’s sync and share solutions are hosted on secure private cloud infrastructure, certified by ANSSI’s SecNumCloud label and meeting the state of the art. They incorporate authentication by OTP (one-time password) and can detect security incidents instantly thanks to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

SIEM has been described by Gartner as a technology that detects threats and responds to security incidents by collecting and analyzing security event history from a wide variety of sources in real time.

What also makes SecNumCloud solutions stand out from standard private cloud applications is the WAF (Web Application Firewall), boosting application security and taking action when a vulnerability is detected. For even greater security, all alerts picked up by the WAF are also sent to SIEM for analysis.