Although the issues inherent in the management of sensitive content are well known to companies, the health crisis has once again highlighted the imperative of using a secure ecosystem to manage this data. The recurrent and almost exclusive practice of telecommuting has put collaboration tools, necessary to maintain productivity, at the forefront. But the surge of cyber attacks during the pandemic has highlighted the security needs of this new way of working, which will not disappear with the crisis, quite the contrary.

Secure file sharing

File sharing is an essential part of any collaboration, both internally and externally. But in the age of covid-19 and the rapid digitalization of organizations, file sharing within a secure ecosystem is now a must for any trusted cooperation

Why is oodrive Work THE secure file sharing solution ? 

Because it allows you to secure and centralize all your sensitive files in a single interface, accessible everywhere and all the time. This interface gives you control over access management and the conditions for sharing your content. Make changes or annotations with ease, optimizing teamwork. Changes are synchronized on all media in real time and a traceability system allows you to follow the history of actions performed on shared content. In addition, benefit from secure hosting in our European datacenters that respect protocols, thus guaranteeing the sovereignty of your data.

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The electronic signature

Every day, many employees have to sign or have signed a number of documents, such as contracts, quotes, invoices, purchase orders or general terms and conditions, to name but a few. If the health crisis has refocused the advantages of the electronic signature for obvious dematerialization reasons, other parameters such as the additional legal protection or the reduction of the environmental footprint, have become (again) real arguments in favor of the implementation of this process in companies.

Why is oodrive Sign THE secure solution for dematerializing signatures ?

Because it allows you to secure, guarantee and fluidify your electronic signature processes. Thanks to oodrive Sign you can make your customers and partners sign with confidence through a secure and easy to use process. You are free to customize these signature paths according to the types of transactions and the sectors of activity of your interlocutors. Oodrive_sign facilitates and certifies your signature processes while offering you local and quality support.

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Data backup

Backing up content is an essential component of any company’s productivity. Since disasters are, unfortunately, not yet foreseeable, backup is the surest way to allow you to restart your activity in case of an incident or cyber attack. Several types of backup exist. Let’s take an interest in online backup. The backup in the cloud are copies of your selected content off-site. This data is secured via different protection systems, such as end-to-end encryption or redundancy. The security of the hosting providers and the location of the data centers play a central role in a trusted backup. Hence the importance of choosing the right cloud backup partner.

Why is oodrive Save THE secure backup solution for your company data ?

Because it allows you to back up your data in a secure cloud recognized by the qualifications and certifications attesting to the highest level of IT security. Opt for a sovereign, intuitive and efficient solution. This way, protect your important data by scheduling automatic backups and be alerted in case of abnormal behavior or cyberattacks so you can react as quickly as possible. Lighten your infrastructure and simplify your backup process management by moving to the cloud. And benefit from oodrive’s technical assistance at all times. Oodrive Save is a secure and intuitive solution that will enable you to restart your business as quickly as possible and in optimal conditions in the event of a disaster.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

With the rise of digital technology and all the forms of creation and communication that surround it, companies must manage a growing number of digital resources on a daily basis. How to optimize their management, centralize them and enhance them throughout their life cycle ? These are the main missions of Digital Asset Management solutions. We know that digital assets, most of which are very valuable, can be sensitive content that needs to be protected. This is why DAM software must not only enable optimized management of these corporate resources, but also provide a secure environment.

Why oodrive Media is THE Digital Asset Management solution

Because it allows you to enhance your media and gain in efficiency thanks to a secure and intuitive interface. Thanks to oodrive Media, you can store your sensitive digital resources in a highly secure space that supports a wide range of formats and where you benefit from the European legal framework relating to data protection. You can thus give a whole new dimension to your digital assets. Access management, broadcast settings, are all possibilities that guarantee the perfect control of the visual and corporate identity of your company.

The digitalization of governance meetings

Did you know that company managers spend an average of 23 hours per week in meetings ? These meetings are essential steps in project management, from brainstorming to completion. And it is within these increasingly digitalized forums that strategic decisions are made, sensitive content is exchanged, and key steps are taken. The organization of a governance meeting requires a secure ecosystem through which collaboration is fluid, simple and clear. An efficient dematerialization solution for strategic meetings must enable you to optimize the impact of your meetings. 

Why is oodrive Meet THE secure solution for digitizing your meetings ?

Because it allows you to organize your governance meetings within a secure virtual Board Room. Through its interface, accessible thanks to secure access via password encryption, SMS authentication and Touch ID, you can prepare your governance meetings with ease: invitations, guest lists, creation and sharing of agendas, document sharing and a concise dashboard are just some of the features that ensure optimal management of your governance bodies. Oodrive_meeting guarantees the confidentiality of your strategic company data. A secure and easy to use solution will enable you to gain in efficiency.

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The digital transformation of companies cannot be done without security dimensions. Securing the content of organizations is an essential component of the dematerialization of processes, from electronic signatures to the digitization of governance bodies, including of course file sharing. And all this within a sovereign and secure ecosystem to ensure optimal management of strategic business data. Whatever the size of your company or its sector, the choice of a secure collaboration solution is essential for its long-term survival. Oodrive_platform meets the most demanding qualifications in terms of IT security and is positioned as the European leader in the management of sensitive content. The architectures and interfaces of our solutions are designed and built as genuine secure and intuitive spaces to ensure that our clients have the most secure collaboration.