How can you boost performance with synchronization ?

In today’s business world, colleagues want to stay productive, while enjoying the freedom to work on the move at the same time. The days of needing a desk to sign a contract or deal with suppliers based abroad are truly over. In the age of the cloud, synchronization tools (known as sync & share) are […]

How do you strengthen security for IT systems?

2016 is said to have been a record-breaking year for cyberattacks. And the outlook for 2017 isn’t great either. While protecting IT systems and data is a top priority for businesses, the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) has released a new version of its guide to keeping IT systems safe and secure. It contains 42 […]

How backing up your sensitive data to the cloud can benefit your business

Saving data using traditional physical media kept on the company’s premises presents a host of limitations and risks which can now be overcome thanks to the cloud. But does this technological solution really make your data more secure? Why is it so important for a business to protect what is considered to be the ‘oil […]

Digital archiving : a lifeline for the AV sector

Not only do we generate a growing amount of data every day, but that data is getting bigger and bigger in size. In companies, employees can use various types of files, some of which can contain rich content, such as video, MP3 files, rushes, etc.

Infographics – Online backup, don’t wait until it’s too late

A company’s data is essential for its proper functioning and critical for its activity. Online, automatic and externalised backups remain the only way to ensure an immediate and complete restoration of data and, in addition to security and total privacy, to ensure the rapid recovery of the activity in case of a crash.

Moving fully to the cloud for business – is this soon to be a reality?

The vast majority of businesses believe migrating to cloud computing is vital to their long-term success and will serve as an effective tool in implementing their development strategy. And yet many of them admit they have not completely made the switch to the cloud. So is the seemingly increasing popularity of cloud services fact or […]

Personal and corporate data theft – a never-ending story?

The theft of personal data has a real impact on the economy and can hit a company’s finances hard, not to mention the damage that can be done to its reputation. Lately, many businesses including banks have paid the cost of attacks like these. American bank Morgan Stanley fell victim to the theft of the […]

Data theft and its impact on corporate image

The expert opinion of Cedric Mermilliod , co-founder of Oodrive and Senior VP Several scandals involving data theft have made the news in recent years. In 2015, for example, data belonging to users of Ashley Madison, a site enabling extramarital affairs, was made public. And further back, in 2014, Sony Pictures was the victim of […]