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Uniprévoyance reaches new markets with automated contracts

Uniprévoyance insurance protects more than 1.3 million people in France, where companies are required by law to provide employees with health coverage. A not-for-profit institution, Uniprévoyance works with almost 30,000 French organizations to help them meet their obligations. Founded in 1978, the company worked almost exclusively with large businesses until 2016,
when new developments in the industry prompted Uniprévoyance to reach out to small- and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs.

That meant a significant shift in the company’s operations around the need to arrange and secure more contracts with more, smaller organizations. “Our model had been to work with large companies,” explains Chi Minh Bui, Director of Information Systems at Uniprévoyance. “We would have the time to discuss details with a company and draw up a contract tailored to them. But for SMEs, most of which have between two and ten people, it’s not cost-effective to spend five days discussing a highly customised contract. We had to find another way to sell to these companies.”

Uniprévoyance decided to create an automated and autonomous subscription process, from production of a contract, through to its configuration, signature, and management.

“Oodrive Sign is central to our automated contract tool for SMEs. It’s intuitive and very easy-to-use, so we can make it easy for salespeople to create, edit, and sign new contracts at speed.”
Chi Minh Bui ,
Director of Information Systems, Uniprévoyance

Integrating electronic signatures into a SaaS solution

Automation offers insurance companies a way to make new markets cost-effective. For Uniprévoyance, that meant creating an
easy-to-use, end-to-end contract system that salespeople could use anywhere without training or technical assistance.

Uniprévoyance chose Oodrive Sign as an integral component in its OCCEA contract tool. “We could inject Oodrive Sign into a process that users found familiar, which helped speed up adoption,” says Chi Minh. “The solution is tailored to fit into this critical
business process, instead of being something we had to build around. It’s all ready to go, for all different types of contracts.”

OCCEA gives insurance advisors the ability to set the level of cover, to obtain quotes independently and to have a company sign
electronically. Because it runs as a SaaS solution in a web browser, with an Oodrive Sign API, Uniprévoyance eliminates the
need to integrate the solution with brokers’ information systems. Rather than billing on a flat rate basis or according to the number of users, Uniprévoyance established a “success” billing system, in which a percentage of the turnover made with the tool is paid to Oodrive. It’s an approach that makes sure payment is fair, while making the tool available to the maximum number
of brokers.

“Oodrive is an agile player ready to collaborate to help us realise the evolution of our business. The relationship is great, and our sales manager is always able to mobilise Oodrive teams to meet our needs. It’s a win-win partnership based on trust.”
Chi Minh Bui ,
Director of Information Systems, Uniprévoyance

Opening up new markets

Today, Uniprévoyance has significant turnover in the SME market, thanks to the OCCEA tool and Oodrive Sign. With more than 4,000 registered users and counting, the tool has proven to be highly popular, with large clients including a mutual insurance company and a bank requesting partnerships using versions of the OCCEA. And that extended reach is
accompanied by a reduced workload for Uniprévoyance teams, thanks to automation and the SaaS approach.

“With OCCEA, we can establish partnerships that would have been impossible without it,” says Chi Minh. “Our partners are now able to subscribe SME prospects to insurance schemes quickly and easily. We’ve made it so they don’t have to be specialists to make the sale – they just set up the contract, make adjustments, and sign.”

Unlocks new customers

Makes signing SMEs cost effective with simpler, speedier contract signing.

Reduces workload

Automated processes and browser-based solutions minimise workload for support teams.

Customised “success” billing

Uniprévoyance optimizes cost-effectiveness with Oodrive Sign fees structured according to use.
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