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Published on Feb 17, 2022
2022: a year of acceleration for Oodrive

2022: a year of acceleration for Oodrive

In 2022, Oodrive will leverage its expertise and its trusted Collaboration Suite – a first for Europe – as it strives for greater involvement in the emergence of a trusted European Cloud. As such, the Group will accelerate its growth the world over.

Paris – 17 February 2022 – After more than two decades of collaboration with strategic business players (Airbus, Orange, Allianz®, McDonald’s, Dior, Crédit Agricole, Arte) and over 1 million users in 45 countries, Oodrive is starting a new chapter in its history. While 50% out of 80% of the world’s data managed in the American and Chinese Clouds is considered sensitive, the French security expert is stepping up its commitments and repurposing its offering to make it more transparent. In 2022, Oodrive will leverage its expertise and its trusted Collaboration Suite – a first for Europe – as it strives for greater involvement in the emergence of a trusted European Cloud. As such, the Group will accelerate its growth the world over.

Oodrive: securing controlled trust across Europe

The rise in collaborative tools within companies exposes them to increased cybercrime, which directly weighs on IT departments working in high-stress environments. Parallel to this, our companies conduct business with ever-present American suppliers. This poses a threat to the confidentiality of data hosted on our companies’ Clouds. The United States’ Cloud Act provides that such data may be requisitioned at any given moment by the American government. With this in mind, the emergence of a trusted Cloud is a critical step in guaranteeing Europe’s independence as well as security for companies managing sensitive data. Against this background, Oodrive’s qualified and certified sovereign SaaS solutions ensure the foolproof confidentiality and security of strategic data.

As part of a trusted and multi-certified Collaborative Suite, they offer a credible alternative to the solutions provided by American giants. Oodrive works from this basis, thereby contributing to discussions on the emergence of a trusted European Cloud. The Group specifically participates in panel discussions that are currently focused on the new European Secure Cloud (ESCloud) trust label, the future equivalent of France’s SecNumCloud standard. Oodrive has also adopted an informative and transparent stance towards European companies, with the aim of raising their awareness of the need to conduct their operations on trusted Clouds. In line with industry professionals, the Group also champions the harnessing of energies and the generation of further public-private synergies to finance innovation at the service of the common good.

Stanislas de Rémur, Oodrive CEO, commented: “If, together, we succeed in coordinating these various priorities, Europe can become a leading player in data”.

Introducing Europe’s first trusted Collaboration Suite

Security must not be an obstacle to activity, creativity and innovation. This is why companies require fully integrated solutions that are interoperable, customisable and sovereign as well as guaranteeing compatibility with their other tools. Put simply, this is reflective of all the features of Oodrive’s Collaboration Suite, which was repurposed at the start of this year to deliver high-impact solutions for users. By deploying Oodrive’s Suite, companies requiring large-scale adaptability and agility are able to develop a collaboration ecosystem that caters to their every need from both a business and sector standpoint.

This software suite is now structured into three priority workflow processes, combining benchmark features to meet all the business needs of its customers:

  • Oodrive Work: modules to collaborate on documents, share them and publish them online, coupled with a secure rights and access management system.
  • Oodrive Meet: organise and host effective meetings and exchange strategic data.
  • Oodrive Sign: the best-in-class tool on the European electronic signature market to accelerate and streamline decision-making, with real-time contract signing.

To achieve foolproof security, the Oodrive Meet and Oodrive Work solutions were the first in France to be qualified as SecNumCloud, the highest-level security visa issued by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI). By second-half 2022, Oodrive Sign will also receive this qualification, making it the most reliable collaboration suite in Europe.

Stepping up ambitions for Europe in 2022

Oodrive has strong ambitions for 2022, with the conviction that its offering is of vital interest to European companies. Oodrive will continue to invest in its development and is open to future collaborations with other sovereign players in a drive to scale up its solution and level up performance.

With its focus on fully accelerating, the fast-growing Group is targeting revenue of €80 million by 2025. To this end, Oodrive seeks to consolidate its positions in Europe through future hires in six subsidiaries: Spain, Italy, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Starting this year, Oodrive will recruit 150 new employees.

“We are privileged to operate in a highly regulated ecosystem, with stringent privacy standards and some of the most exacting certifications worldwide. Entrusting your strategic data to European players such as Oodrive which is not only sovereign but also a trusted Cloud means ensuring that your data is protected by first-class security and confidentiality solutions at the global level, not to mention having access to the most robust tools on the market”, commentedStanislas de Rémur.