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Published on Nov 24, 2022
Café Cloud 2030” by Oodrive Championing free speech to meet tomorrow’s Cloud challenges

Café Cloud 2030” by Oodrive Championing free speech to meet tomorrow’s Cloud challenges

Against the background of accelerating data dematerialisation solutions, persistent market imbalances benefitting GAFAM and increasingly stringent regulations, now more than ever, the Cloud poses serious challenges. Whether a citizen, public institution, employee or company manager, whether French or European – we are all affected! In light of this observation, Oodrive decided to develop “Café Cloud 2030”, a non-profit platform promoting freedom of expression. Designed as a halfway house between think tank and podcast, the hybrid format serves two purposes. Number one: understanding the political, economic, environmental and social components of the Cloud. Number two: finding the key ingredients to tackle the challenges of the future.

Exploring the future to understand the Cloud today

As of today, the Cloud is a cornerstone issue for both the private and public sectors. That said, we seldom acknowledge the reasons for this. What’s more, we must recognise the current situation to properly plan ahead, for tomorrow. To this end, through discussions combining debates and overlapping perspectives, “Café Cloud 2030” by Oodrive aims to showcase the benefits and risks of a world fully powered by the loud as a guide to quick decision-making.

“Our ambition is to raise awareness among all decision-makers of the Cloud’s many impacts on society, culture, politics, law, economics and the environment” explains Stanislas de Rémur, Co-founder and CEO of Oodrive. “Ultimately, we seek to provide concrete solutions to such impacts in an effort to shape a responsible digital future.”

Introducing a diverse array of formats

The “Café Cloud 2030” must act as a platform for successful ideas from active, worldly and motivational talks. This is why the platform will be based on roundtable discussions recorded live. The presentations will be moderated by Damien Douani, digital evangelist, speaker and tech columnist, bringing together 10 high-profile guests from a range of backgrounds. The latter includes public sector members, sociologists, economists and private sector operators.

The concept will focus on four crucial debates, addressing the impacts of the Cloud. Through these talks, the Group will produce a resource book to be shared in public. Its purpose: to stimulate further discussion. The sessions will be broadcast live from a dedicated platform, supported by a digitally enhanced website outlining members, publications and the ambition of the Café Cloud 2030 initiative:

Spotlighting digital sovereignty during the first session

The initial session, on 13 December, will cover environmental and political aspects of the Cloud: “Why the Cloud is a critical political issue.” It will feature Philippe Latombe, a French politician representing the country’s Democratic Movement (MoDem) and Arno Pons, CEO of France’s Digital New Deal foundation. Together, they will discuss issues ranging from digital independence and data sovereignty to the part potentially played by institutions in achieving a sovereign Cloud. They will also turn their attention to the positioning of French, American and Chinese players, not forgetting the expectations of citizens and private stakeholders. To register:

“‘Café Cloud 2030’ by Oodrive is inspired by the idea of a platform upholding freedom of expression. We welcome all opinions expressed by our invited guests. That’s really the whole point of this project.” addsStanislas de Rémur. “By creating a fun and friendly setting, we hope that everyone will be encouraged to take a critical step back and review the Cloud roadmap that lies ahead in 2030.”