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With oodrive_sign 4.1, oodrive reaffirms its target of becoming the European leader for electronic signatures

Press release 11.17.2021 3min

The secure electronic signature application integrates the CertEurope electronic certificate, and offers simplified mobile electronic signature capabilities and full compatibility with the leading CRM platform Salesforce

Six months after the consolidation of the tech start-up Sell&Sign, oodrive reaffirms its target of becoming the European leader for electronic signatures within 2 to 3 years, a key step in the company’s transformation. The European leader in the management of sensitive content has just rolled out version 4.1 of oodrive_sign, its digital signature application that is fully integrated in its secure collaborative package. The future, according to oodrive, will take shape around this convergence, which alone will pave the way for full digitalisation of business processes.

An open application that will growth and evolve in line with user needs

To guarantee compliance, security and confidentiality of documents signed online, version 4.1 of oodrive_sign integrates the CertEurope electronic certificate, a trusted third party and the first certification authority in France. oodrive_sign already offers two signature levels, advanced signatures and certified signatures. Soon, the company will also offer qualified signatures, which will require remote identity confirmation, equivalent to face-to-face physical signatures. Lastly, among the signature solutions available on the market,  oodrive_sign is today the only one to enable mobile text-based signatures.

With oodrive_sign 4.1, remote transactions are significantly simplified: the user simply replies by text to confirm the signature. Another innovation, this solution is now fully compatible with the leading CRM platform Salesforce, from which documents can be ratified and signed.

Paving the way for digitalization of business processes

The challenge for oodrive goes far beyond mere electronic signatures. For the scale-up, the challenge is to offer its customers an entire range of technical and functional solutions to digitalize their business processes. In this connection, oodrive_sign already integrates an exclusive functionality: the personalized signature tracker. Thanks to this, the user experience with oodrive_sign is fully business focused and way beyond the generic experiences offered by other electronic signature solutions available on the market. For example, some software publishers have integrated signature insurance with content that explains the different contracts and dynamic pricing automatically generates all the documents necessary to conclude contracts. What’s the result? 10% of the return on investment relates to the signature itself and  90% relates to digitalization of the sales process. This is truly the shape of things to come. Furthermore, oodrive is already considering offering, via its platform, a comprehensive package of content and secure services to enable its customers to manage their entire document cycle.

“By 2025, 100% of transactions will be electronic. Paper will be a thing of the past. Electronic signatures are the pillar upon which this digitalization will be built. In 2020, thanks to our solutions, our customers avoided the equivalent in CO2 emissions of 26,000 road trips around the world”, proudly reports Alexandre Mermod, Lead Product Manager at oodrive

Becoming the European benchmark trusted content services platform

Six months after its acquisition, Sell&Sign, the brainchild of the Marseille-based start-up, has fully found its place within the oodrive offering, and the same is true for the Sell&Sign teams who are now working together with us to consolidate the success of our company.

Oodrive_sign 4.1 rounds out the portfolio of solutions which contribute actively to the digital transformation of companies and lends weight to oodrive’s ambition to become the leading secure content management solution in Europe. With this in mind, the company is building on the significant synergies that exist between our different offerings, but also leveraging their compatibility with existing information systems already used by our customers, to offer them an ever-richer customer experience.

“Our customers rapidly adopt new professional practices and are gearing up with multiple digital solutions. Our gaol is to ensure that our offering is compatible with existing tools and can be integrated in pre-existing tools and application modules that are already in place. And, all of this, of course, without losing sight of issues related to security and sovereignty to which we provide innovative solutions”, concluded Alexandre Mermod, Lead Product Manager at oodrive.