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Published on Oct 27, 2020

Oodrive maintains its operations in order to continue offering electronic signatures and certificates to its clients

Paris, April 2, 2020 – Despite the crisis currently affecting France and the rest of the world, CertEurope, the most trusted third party in France, ensures continuity in delivering secure electronic identities. This is a critical step in ensuring that our digital world is a place where individuals, companies, machines, and objects interact with confidence.

Enabling individuals and companies to continue working confidently and remotely

CertEurope, a trusted service provider in compliance with RGS and eIDAS regulations, guarantees companies a certificate available within 72 hours after the dedicated oodrive teams have received completed documentation.

This certificate, valid for either one or three years, is delivered on an encrypted device (USB key) and complies with the latest French RGS and European eIDAS standards.

It also provides additional benefits, such as the option to electronically sign PDFs and access service platforms:

  • Actes
  • Hélios
  • Public tenders
  • SIV
  • Synapse
  • Chorus

In this exceptional context, oodrive intends to emphasize the maintenance of its RGS certification issuing services for companies in order to facilitate their continued activity,” commented Stéphane Ankaoua, Chief Operating Officer of oodrive.

Certified and recognized solutions for optimal business productivity

CertEurope, a trusted third party, allows companies to benefit from electronic certificates that offer the possibility of identifying and authenticating individuals, companies, and servers, while guaranteeing compliance with French and European digital trust and security regulations. For businesses, these certified solutions represent increased productivity, process optimization, and a reduction in costs: less paper, more efficient (and certified) procedures, and professional assistance for users.

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