Press release
Published on Sep 28, 2022
Oodrive, Olvid and Tixeo join forces to create a secure and sovereign collaborative software suite

Oodrive, Olvid and Tixeo join forces to create a secure and sovereign collaborative software suite

"TOO 2022"—short for Tixeo, Oodrive, Olvid 2022—is an innovative project embodied by three major French players in data hyper-security.

“TOO 2022″—short for Tixeo, Oodrive, Olvid 2022—is an innovative project embodied by three major French players in data hyper-security. Promising a truly sovereign and highly secure offering, this new software suite is aimed at all companies and administrations that handle sensitive content. At a time when the French government is striving to develop the country’s tech industry, these three companies will together produce a new collaborative suite based on their respective areas of expertise and technological specialisations, meeting the technical and functional needs of French and European organisations. The consortium will combine document editing and sharing (Oodrive), videoconferencing (Tixeo), and instant messaging (Olvid), in a secure environment.

A “trusted cloud” alternative backed by the French State.

This partnership stems from a desire on the part of the French government to provide its country’s companies with a software solution that offers a very high level of security and that is capable of meeting their technological and functional needs, all the while ensuring control over data sovereignty. It is worth noting that the technologies of each of the parties have been certified or qualified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI). It is also a question of offering companies and administrations a real “trusted cloud” software solution that they can use to manage their most sensitive data.

“The aim is not to systematically uproot and replace the existing offers, such as those of Microsoft or Google, but to offer a reliable alternative that ensures the complete protection and confidentiality of sensitive data. This is a strong proposal that finally frees us from the extraterritorial laws that allow certain countries to access the data hosted on servers,” explained Cédric Sylvestre, co-founder of Olvid.

Designed to host sensitive company data in compliance with EU law and personal data management ethics, the software suite is part of a drive that aims to strengthen the French and European cloud computing industry. 

Addressing the key priorities of big companies and national administrations

There is clearly market demand for software that is secure, interoperable, and user-friendly. This consortium intends to be in a position to respond to that demand while reminding European companies that they cannot remain competitive without digital independence. Oodrive, Olvid, and Tixeo join forces to offer a unified, easy-to-use, secure, and sovereign cloud computing alternative.

With its flexibility and high-quality design, the new suite will be interoperable with the customer’s existing application environment and offer similar features, with the added advantage of guaranteed data integrity. “Extended enterprises” such as governmental bodies will find it easy to integrate and start using the software.

“It is no longer in doubt that we have good software products in Europe. We just need to combine them to offer suites equivalent to those marketed by American and Chinese competitors. Opting for American software suites is not inevitable,” explained Stanislas de Rémur, Co-founder and CEO of Oodrive.

A French partnership based on complementary areas of expertise and high standards

Combining the respective technical expertise of Oodrive, Olvid, and Tixeo is a strong move: the three companies had already been familiar with each other for years through their participation in cybersecurity ecosystems and associations such as HEXATRUST.

The shared goal of the three partners is to bring together their respective contributions to offer a software suite with a level of security that is unprecedented on the market. They are already thinking about the user experience, technical integrations, and joint developments. They intend to present a minimum viable product (MVP) to prospective clients within the next six months. The consortium plans to release an initial version of the trusted cloud offering for the second half of 2023.

“This consortium brings a unique opportunity to combine three complementary areas of technical expertise and our shared values of innovation and sovereignty to offer the European market a viable alternative in terms of a secure and collaborative software suite,” explained Renaud GHIA, co-founder and CEO of Tixeo.

For over 21 years, Oodrive has been a benchmark service provider in sensitive data management. With 80% of CAC 40 companies among its clientele, it is the player best placed to meet the challenges faced by extended enterprises. This leading French software publisher aspires to offer a suite from which its clients can pick and choose and then integrate into their existing set-up. The modules selected by the client will exclusively address their specific issues and provide end-to-end value. 

For its part, Olvid, the only ANSSI-certified instant messaging service provides a means of internal and external communication with a level of security that is unrivalled on the market, thanks to encryption protocols that it has developed, and which mean that security is no longer reliant on the message distribution servers. 

Lastly, Tixeo, the European leader in secure videoconferencing and the only player on the market offering a videoconferencing technology certified (CSPN) and qualified by the French National Cybersecurity Agency, will bring to bear its expertise in synchronous communication. That expertise paves the way for the simultaneous organisation of thousands of online meetings and offers a secure, comprehensive, and interactive videoconferencing experience. Against a backdrop of digital independence and economic warfare, this consortium will aim to take the platform’s functionality even further and target the European market as a whole.