Press release
Published on Jun 30, 2022

Oodrive Announces Oodrive Sign on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Oodrive Sign for Salesforce was designed for fast-track implementation in the Cloud CRM and enables the quick launch of electronic signatures

Oodrive’s customers can now benefit from the delivery of expedited processes for sales teams

Oodrive, a European leader in sensitive data management, announces the launch of its Oodrive Sign solution on Salesforce AppExchange. 150 million Cloud CRM users will now have access to one of the only European solutions that meets all regulatory and security requirements. Deployed across multiple sectors and recognised for its ease of use, the Oodrive Sign electronic signature offers additional benefits to process dematerialisation solutions.

Integrated directly with Salesforce, Oodrive Sign is currently available on AppExchange at

Optimising the sales process to deploy one of the most secure solutions on the market

Oodrive Sign for Salesforce was designed for fast-track implementation in the Cloud CRM. What’s more, Oodrive Sign for Salesforce enables the quick launch of electronic signatures.  Working directly within the Salesforce interface, sales teams follow a four-step process, enabling them to: select a contract template; include appendices and supporting documentation; choose signatories; and send out for signature.

Built from the Sign module of the Oodrive application suite, recently SecNumCloud qualified by the ANSSI: the highest national authority in the field of information systems security, the offer is also compliant with the European eIDAS regulation, and provides signatures with probative value in law and in compliance with the regulations on data retention. Beyond its reliable infrastructure, its value is also expressed on the realization of a complete proof convention.

Moreover, to guarantee fully confidential transactions between sales teams and clients, Oodrive Sign for Salesforce is a solution that defines settings for sharing the contract. As such, contracts can only be viewed by intended users. 

Alexandre Mermod, Lead Product Manager Oodrive Sign, commented: “Data protection is vital to our solution. Supported by its contract settings and partitioning features, the Oodrive Sign electronic signature achieves some of the most foolproof security.”

Introducing extra standout features

Salesforce approved a smart and intuitive electronic signature solution aimed at enhancing user experience and supporting sales managers.

All signature modes are compatible (tablet, text, etc.) and secure using a systematic authentication method. The all-purpose solution connects to various identities (in addition to Salesforce), easily adapting to a multitude of business processes.

Since the tool gives priority to data processing, such data may be reported and leveraged using Information Systems. In addition, the solution’s custom dashboard ensures viewing and tracking of contract life cycles. It also includes a single-click follow-up on signatories.  Lastly, one of the decisive factors influencing Salesforce’s adoption of the solution was Oodrive’s exacting standards in both compliance and security. Alexandre Mermod added: “The fact that Oodrive Sign completed Salesforce’s exclusive, five-tiered certification process was key, coupled with Oodrive’s ability to speedily suggest innovative developments.”