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Published on Mar 29, 2022
Oodrive wins SecNumCloud qualification again for three years

Oodrive wins SecNumCloud qualification again for three years

En décrochant à nouveau ce précieux label, Oodrive assure répondre au référentiel très exigeant de l’ANSSI et prouve que son infrastructure et son offre respectent un haut niveau de sécurité.

By winning this precious label once again, Oodrive ensure it responds to the very demanding ANSSI standard and proves that its infrastructure and its offering meet the highest security requirements.

Oodrive, European leader in sensitive content management, has once again been assigned the SecNumCloud qualification. After four years of collaboration with the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI), Oodrive was the first player to be awarded this label in 2019. The SecNumCloud qualification, a label representing the confidence of the ANSSI, with the highest technical and legal security it guarantees, is the French benchmark in terms of security and a pillar of genuine digital sovereignty.

An increasingly stringent benchmark

Oodrive publishes software to the highest security standards and is capable of meeting the ANSSI benchmark requirements which are constantly improving. Cyber challenges faced by French players are constantly evolving, notably in terms of security, confidence and sovereignty. Companies must be able to call on cloud services which meet specifications which are becoming more fine-tuned every year. Oodrive’s infrastructure, on the one hand, its offering of a trusted collaborative software package, on the other, have both been audited within the framework of the process to award the SecNumCloud qualification once again. The leader in sensitive content management has once again proven the high level of security offered in France for its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

The answer to security challenges

Between 2019 and 2020, in France, the number of online attacks and acts of piracy increased by 255% according to ANSSI. Faced with this surge, organisations must continue to assist organisms of vital importance (OVIs) in ensuring the security of their sensitive information systems. The answer: the SecNumCloud qualification, which provides the highest-level guarantees in terms of confidentiality and sensitive data protection, both from a technical as well as a legal point of view. It enables OVIs to meet their needs vis-à-vis the State by demonstrating the highest level of security in the use of Cloud solutions. This is how this label has become the only effective barrier for the Cloud Act, but also to tackle the challenge of restoring confidence between users and Cloud suppliers.

At the end of last year, ANSSI delivered the revised version of the SecNumCloud label to adapt to the “Cloud of Confidence” and overcome extraterritorial laws.

“This is very good news that rewards persistently diligent work to guarantee the maximum level of security to our clients. This qualification positions us more than ever as a player who provides a high level of security and confidentiality as well as offering among the most efficient tools available at the moment.” explains Stéphane Ankaoua, General Manager at Oodrive.

SecNumCloud supports digital sovereignty

For several years, Oodrive has been lobbying for the emergence of a European Sovereign Cloud. Recently, the group presented the evolution of its applications package, including the Oodrive Meet and Oodrive Work solutions which were among the first in France to obtain the SecNumCloud certification. The third module of the package, Oodrive Sign, will be added in turn by the second half of 2022, making this package the most secure collaborative solution in Europe.

In line with Oodrive’s priorities for 2022, the company is actively involved in a workgroup on the new European Secure Cloud (ESCloud) which should enable the adaptation of the SecNumCloud qualification at the European level.

“We will continue our efforts at the European level to foster a genuine enlarged secure jurisdiction. Our conviction is to compete with US and Chinese lobbies and reset the balance of power in place” declared Stanislas de Rémur co-founder and CEO of Oodrive.