We are interested in your skills, but there is more…

At Oodrive, success is something we share, and teamwork is at the heart of our projects. To grow, we need skilled people who want to commit to driving the company forward.
Every employee is a source of new ideas, and it is thanks to them that we are able to grow and develop,

We are Oodrive!

When you join our team, we have one goal: to do everything we can to make you feel at home at Oodrive. Modern premises in the heart of Paris, relaxation areas and internal events…We believe that an environment that helps everybody realize their potential and a stimulating atmosphere are the essential ingredients when growing a business.
The premises, just like the events that are held all year round, have been designed to encourage communication and cultivate a real pride in belonging to Oodrive.

Career development at Oodrive

At Oodrive, we believe in the talent and expertise of every employee. You are a specialist in your field. That’s why we encourage and support initiatives that enable each individual to realize their full potential.
Mobility is also important to us and is an essential part of the career path of an employee. Positions develop along with the people who occupy them.
What Oodrivians have to say: