Secure content sharing solution from the oodrive_platform ecosystem.

With oodrive_share, you can consult, modify and annotate your documents in a completely secure digital space, accessible anywhere and at any time.

Share your sensitive documents and work from anywhere

Secure your sensitive files

Bring your sensitive files together in one interface to keep control of access and sharing conditions. Protect them with the most advanced technologies and the most stringent certifications.

Simplify document sharing

Each user has a custom workspace for storing documents and sharing them securely, without size limits but with complete control. The solution is designed to be easy to access, intuitive and user-friendly.

Optimise teamwork

With oodrive_share, access your documents from anywhere and share them with people inside or outside the organisation. Edit your documents and insert annotations with ease. Changes are synchronised on all media in real time.

Use a solution designed specifically to meet your business needs.


of companies find that consumer file-sharing services in the Cloud are unsuitable for business use


Data security

Keep data protected and confidential through strong authentication and access management.


Enjoy a personal workspace accessible anywhere and anytime.

Simplified sharing

Easily share documents with internal and external contacts from different interfaces.


Track the history of actions performed on shared documents.

Secure hosting

Host data in a protocol-compliant European data centre and guarantee data sovereignty.

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The advantages of this solution are obvious: it saves a lot of time. And, in terms of security, traceability is crucial: if I send a document to an employee, I know exactly when they received it and if they have had time to look at it.

- M. Ben Amar, RSI Val-de-Marne

Frequently Asked Questions

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    For an organisation, sensitive data means information of economic and/or strategic value the loss, deterioration, theft or fraudulent use of which would be detrimental either to the organisation, third parties or the community.

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    Sensitive data may be lost, altered, erroneously deleted, damaged, stolen or used fraudulently. It may be subject to a cyber attack or a victim of insider negligence. To avoid these risks, it is important to use a secure file management and sharing solution.

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    The data exchanged within today’s companies is immensely diverse. This data is made up of office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), large files (videos, technical files, project follow-up, etc.) and sensitive data (defined above). A file-sharing tool allows for differentiated processing.

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