Facilitate the management of company documents and speed up your work in project mode

By setting up Oodrive file-sharing solutions, you can centralize, organize, synchronize and share your business documents with no limits. Increase the fluency of your projects while promoting better collaboration with internal and external collaborators.

Increase your productivity by relying on solutions designed for professionals and their business specific needs

Standard file-sharing solutions based on individual consumer habits are sometimes introduced into a company but are ill-suited to the practices of professionals and their security needs. Moreover, the variety of  business lines and activity sectors cannot all be brought together in a generic collaborative solution.
That is why Oodrive develops platforms designed for professionals and tailored to the needs of each activity. Such tools increase your productivity so you can refocus on your core business.

Ensure the security of your company's data

Protect your sensitive data with Oodrive’s file-sharing solutions. Complying with the strictest certifications, they eliminate breaches of confidentiality and ensure that your security policy is applied.

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