Published on Dec 04, 2018
Last update 04.12.2018


Electronic signature & Bancassurance: A digital solution for workflows and contracts

Perspectives – Electronic signature & bancassurance

More and more contracts are now being concluded online. And the bancassurance sector is one of the pioneers leading the way in this field. Renaud Ferran, Head of Digital Marketing at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, and Cédric Mermilliod, Senior VP of Oodrive, talk to us about this rapidly developing phenomenon.

The electronic signature serves as a mark of confidence in your digital communications. Its features make it a tool that provides more efficiency, reliability, and security than a manual process ever could. It essentially allows you to identify the signatory (individual or company) with certainty, to confirm their commitment by sealing the document, and ensure the integrity of the signed document.

CertEurope, Oodrive’s Trusted Third Party

CertEurope, an Oodrive group company, is a trusted service provider that ensures the confidentiality and traceability of digital communications. Created in December 2000, CertEurope joined the Oodrive Group in May 2012. CertEurope’s numerous labels and accreditations attest to its strict compliance with technical requirements drawn up by the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI). CertEurope provides RGS*** certification and qualified trusted services complying with eIDAS Regulations on ETSI standards EN 319 411-1 and 2.

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