Never lose any photos or videos from your smartphone again

Photos, videos, contact lists, emails, schedules… our smartphones store extremely valuable data that we want to be able to access at any time and would never want to lose. According to a study, 91% of users[1] believe it is essential to be able to access their photos instantly wherever they are. The challenge now is to provide solutions allowing users to store, access, and share their vacation photos, family videos, and personal files whenever they want.

Protecting their most precious memories

High-tech devices are getting more and more sophisticated. Videos, playlists, and even HD photos stored on these devices are now generating larger and larger files. But the internal memory of a smartphone is full within 6 months[2]. And one of the biggest concerns for consumers is the ability to transfer their photos, music, and emails from their smartphone to other devices (PC, Mac, tablets, etc). They want a solution allowing them to switch between their various devices without having to worry about losing any data or filling up the internal memory.

The cloud has been gradually archiving our entire digital heritage. Consumers have become used to saving all the important files from their everyday life to the cloud. That’s why it is crucial for a company to be able to offer them a tool which meets their new-found needs.

A constant stream of income with a long-term relationship of trust

The cloud allows you to build a relationship of trust with users in the long run. Once their photos have been transferred, users have no reason to move them and therefore every reason to extend their subscription.

Boosting digital transformation like this is one way for a company to become a key player in helping customers to manage their digital world. Knowing how to anticipate consumers’ needs and establish a relationship of trust – all while enjoying a steady source of income – is crucial. And this is exactly what is driving companies in the digital, distribution, and service sectors to integrate a cloud solution into their portfolio, often under their own brand.

The cloud’s technology and its economic model, based on variable costs, guarantee a direct return on investment. Incorporating this solution actually requires little investment, because there is no need for a structural redesign of operations or IT systems.

A solution with greater flexibility

Available as a subscription or pre-paid, the marketing model adapts to the needs of your business: whether for self-service or to go with the purchase of a smartphone, tablet or camera. A white label cloud solution can also be marketed as part of a package with existing services (such as insurance, warranty extensions, or loyalty programs).

Never lose any photos or videos again

Thanks to the white label cloud solutions from Oodrive, you can now solve the problems that your customers face every day when it comes to storing and sharing their photos and videos. Combining digital innovation with customer loyalty, SOS Photos allows your company to generate a new revenue stream and ensure your customers will never lose the data stored on their smartphone again.

[1] Gartner study, December 2015
[2] Gartner study, December 2015
Image © Pexels