The electronic signature is a digital process allowing the user to sign all types of documents online by granting the electronic signature probative value and a secure archiving feature. Provided, of course, that you use a sovereign and secure electronic signature tool. 

The primary objective of an electronic signature tool, beyond the protection of the documents signed with it, is to optimize the productivity of your employees and, in turn, your business. For large accounts as well as for small and medium-sized companies.

The benefits of digital signatures for productivity

By opting for this paperless process of creating electronic signatures online, the steps involved in the signature process are fewer, streamlined, and your signatures of consent are more secure.

This allows your company to benefit from the many advantages of the electronic signature; saving time in administrative tasks and reducing expenses on consumables and travel:

  • You no longer need to print contracts for signature. Not only do you save paper but you also enter into an eco-responsible approach.
  • You no longer have to physically go to the office to have documents signed, nor do you have to send them by mail. Think of how much time it saves in the process of getting documents signed, not to mention the cost savings.
  • You no longer need to check signatures for compliance and countersigning. Streamline your processes in a climate of trust and security.

Securing signatures 

An electronic signature has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature, or even more so, provided that the identity of the signatory has been verified. 

The electronic signature is more secure than a handwritten signature because it guarantees the integrity of the signed document. 

Oodrive Sign is a comprehensive and secure electronic signature tool that is eIDAS certified.

Electronic signatures made with Oodrive Sign have legal validity, including digitized contracts, their compliance, and data collection. With Oodrive Sign, the user can have documents signed remotely, in person, or online.

Four signature steps for your productivity

The Oodrive Sign electronic signature process consists of four steps designed to make your document exchanges and signatures of consent more secure, while also optimizing your productivity to save precious time and significantly reduce your costs.

  1. Select your document, then drag and drop it to Oodrive Sign
  2. Add the signatory/signatories and then choose a signing mode (in person, remote, or both if you have multiple signatories with different needs/imperatives)
  3. Oodrive Sign generates the finalized PDF (or Word document or any other format) as it is to be presented, read, and consented to by the signatory/signatories. The solution then collects the electronic signature of each signatory.
  4. A trusted third party then certifies and time-stamps the document, any appended items, and the identity of each signatory. The document is then sealed and filed in your back office along with any appended items and its documentary evidence file.

Companies that can benefit from electronic signatures

All companies have to deal with the signing of documents. From big accounts through VSEs/SMEs to self-employed entrepreneurs. 

In the same way, the electronic signature makes it possible to optimize the productivity of companies in all sectors. Here are some examples from our customer feedback:

  • Real estate: lease contracts, joint and several guarantees, inventories of fixtures, sales agreements, etc.
  • Insurance and brokerage: an interactive journey from the collection of customer information to the signing of insurance contracts.
  • Energy and thermal renovation: management of Energy Savings Certificates, including estimates, invoices, and customer certificates.
  • Distribution: signing of agreements with distributors, centralization of all contractual activity.
  • Craft workers: management of work contracts, services, subscriptions, purchase orders, etc. with collection of supporting documents.

If the use of electronic signature solutions is constantly growing, it is because such tools—provided they are secure and in compliance with the various applicable accreditations—can really optimize the productivity of a business.