As a member of an executive committee or a board of directors, are you wondering how to organise your meetings in this new digital era?

There are many software options on the market for online meetings. Some of them are premium services, while others are available for free. They have varying features, which may be more or less suitable in your particular case.

In the following article, we present a selection of the 10 best software products available for organising your online meetings.

Oodrive Meet

Oodrive Meet is an application developed by Oodrive for organising important meetings in a secure environment.

It has a user-friendly interface in which you can set the order of your meetings, assign rights, organise votes, and have back-and-forth discussions. You can even customise the notifications!

This software offers a quick and easy way to organise online meetings for your board of directors, executive committee, or remuneration committee.


During the pandemic, Zoom became a must have. Zoom makes it very easy to organise meetings. It is a comprehensive platform for virtual meetings, with lots of features:

  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Webinars
  • Instant and team messaging 

A quick and easy-to-use software package with a free version: one-to-one calls are unlimited, but group meetings stop after 40 minutes.

To take full advantage of the software, you need to upgrade to a premium plan, at a monthly cost of €13 to €37.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a very useful video conferencing application, especially for executive committees and boards of directors. It is easy to use, and it allows screen sharing and remote control of a computer. 

It can be easily integrated into many processes and software packages widely used by companies and, in turn, by employees working remotely.

This functional software package is available in two distinct versions:

  • The free version, where up to 300 users can join a meeting
  • The premium version (at a monthly cost of €4.20 to €19.70)

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi is a video conferencing application that is a bit unusual in that it is free and open source. It is very straightforward and runs very smoothly.

With it, you can organise your board meetings in just a few minutes. Its advantages? High quality audio and video, whether there are 2 or 100 people participating.

Jitsi Meet makes its source code available, which can be taken over by your company’s own software developers to create and customise a meeting tool specifically for your board meetings.


Perhaps a little less well known than some of the “mainstream” applications, Whereby is an extremely straightforward platform to use. The whole thing is accessible online, so there is no need to download or install anything. 

You can log in directly from your browser. There is a free version available in which you can organise a meeting with up to four people.


Although an iconic application, Skype now faces some very stiff competition. Although it is less widely used, Skype remains available free of charge, especially if you want to organise a board or executive committee meeting in a few minutes for up to 10 people.

This highly functional software lets you share your screen or record your conversations. The premium version is more extensive. It lets you organise online meetings with an unlimited number of participants.


LiveStorm is a video conferencing application with a host of features. For example, you can organise meetings (limited to four people in the free version), organise events, webinars, create surveys, and have back-and-forth discussions via instant messaging.

Those features are more advanced and are available with unlimited access if you opt for a premium version. This will significantly improve the user experience.


TeamViewer is a software package for organising online meetings for boards of directors and executive committees.

One of the major advantages of this tool is that it enables remote control of the computer of any of the participants in the meeting.

On the other hand, TeamViewer remains quite expensive, especially compared to other software that offers free versions. The “Business” licence starts at €27.90 per month, with a maximum of five participants per meeting.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Webex was originally a pioneer in the field of online meetings. Now owned by Cisco, the Cisco Webex Meetings tool makes it possible to participate in large, high-quality meetings. 

This highly developed software includes a feature that detects and mutes background noise. This software was designed with the users in mind. It is available in a free version which lets you organise meetings with up to 100 participants.

Google Meet

Designed, published, and shared by Google, Google Meet is a video conferencing and instant messaging platform. It is highly intuitive and very easy to use. It is available to check out in a free version for meetings of up to 10 people.