The challenges of security in the cloud

The challenges of security in the cloud

More than ever, security issues in the cloud are critical for businesses.


More and more organizations are moving to cloud solutions.

But some companies are still held back by a lack of clarity around the security of their content, especially the most sensitive.

This is where the sovereign cloud comes in, proving that flexibility and simplicity can coexist perfectly with security.

What is the Cloud ?

The cloud is a way of accessing IT services via the Internet through a solution provider. There are several types of services offered in the cloud: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and MBaaS.

SaaS: Software as a service. The software is not installed on the user’s machine but on external servers.

PaaS: Platform as a service. This type of cloud service provides customers with a working environment in which all parameters are managed (storage, RAM, operating system, backup, etc.). The customer is nevertheless free to install the applications he needs and to configure them as he wishes.

IaaS: Infrastructure as a service. This is a model that gives the client company control over the middleware (software that allows information to be exchanged between applications), servers, applications, and databases. The cloud provider manages the servers, storage, networks, and virtualization layers. The customer pays for the service provided as he pays for a subscription and thus saves on the IT infrastructure.

Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud

There are several types of clouds to use depending on your security needs.

The public cloud generally allows an entire company to have access to what is hosted (application, information, infrastructure)

The private cloud is a solution designed to meet a very high need for confidentiality. Only a few elements of the company can have access.

The hybrid cloud combines both needs. Firstly, accessibility for the whole company and secondly, the availability of certain services reserved for a smaller number of employees who can thus make decisions and increase their productivity.

What are the advantages of security in the cloud?

The use of cloud services combines several advantages for the customer. For example, it saves on the infrastructure to be deployed to host its solutions. The absence of these tasks allows the customer to focus on their core business. Since the storage and backup are done remotely on other servers, there is no need to worry about the security of your own equipment. However, some essential points must be confirmed by the cloud provider. The confidentiality of your data must be certified, in particular by means of security devices (data encryption; secure datacenters). Moreover, the location of the servers in Europe allows you not only to benefit from the protection granted to EU content, but also to be in compliance with the RGPD. Thus, your data cannot cross the European borders.

The most secure cloud solution is the so-called private cloud. This type of cloud is designed specifically for business needs. Hosted on the customer’s premises or on the provider’s premises, it is the most secure solution for the company’s content. The private cloud is, in terms of security, the most suitable solution to meet specific data access regulations.

Benefits of the secure private cloud

Customization: cloud applications are personalized according to the needs of the company

Ability to change in case the assigned storage space is not high enough, the capacity is increased according to the needs.

The use of the private cloud is restricted to a limited number of users, so there are no consequences due to too many connections.

The highest level of security in the cloud

With the rise of cyber-attacks, it has become paramount to be as safe as possible and protect your sensitive content securely on the cloud. In 2018, anxious to establish more digital trust and to promote the most secure solutions, the ANSSI is publishing the SecNumCloud reference system. This is a security visa attesting to the highest level of IT security. In 2019, Oodrive was the first cloud player to obtain this qualification. It was renewed in 2022.

They trust us

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