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With oodrive_media, centralize and manage all your brand assets. Make the most of your digital resources thanks to a secure and intuitive solution.

Enhance your media and gain efficiency with an intuitive solution

Boost the efficiency of your teams

Centralise your media assets in a single solution. Reduce your time to market by optimising the use and distribution of your media resources with oodrive_media's multiple features. In this way, you capitalise on the work of your creative teams.

Make the most of your media resources

Use your media resources to promote your image and values to your customers and partners effectively. Your employees will have quick and easy access to the right content in the right version to be used in the right context, guaranteeing you perfect control of your company's visual and corporate identity.

Choose the easy option

Oodrive_media's specialists will assist you in setting up, organising and managing the solution. Adopt a solution with automated copyright management to ensure compliance for the media your teams use.

Digital asset management is essential: companies must have access to reliable tools that are adapted to their needs.

2,4 billion

The Digital Asset Management market is worth $2.4 billion and is expected to triple by 2022


A wealth of formats

Supports all file types in many formats.


Indexing of digital resources by unit and by batch, for simplified searching.


Preview resources before downloading and distributing.


Generate links to share resources with other users.


Add metadata to optimise the search for resources.

Discover all features

We chose oodrive_media to manage our Brand Centre. We use it to store all of our brand elements (logo, images, sounds, charter, pictograms, etc.) as well as all the work of the various communication departments.

- Soline de Chalain, SFR

Frequently Asked Questions

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    The term refers to any digital content created and/or stored by a company in connection with its business activity. A media resource is identified by metadata that describes its content and usage rights. It can be textual, visual or audio content.

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    A Digital Asset Management tool helps optimise management of a company’s digital assets. This content is grouped in photo libraries and digital media libraries. Features include indexing, annotating, classifying, storing and searching for assets.

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    A digital asset management tool allows you to centralise assets, get a clear view of them, handle a large number of them, manage rights of use, boost productivity, reduce costs and enhance content to promote your brand identity.

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