Secure electronic signature solution from the oodrive_platform ecosystem

Oodrive_sign guarantees you a secure electronic signature in compliance with your needs and requirements.

signature électronique

Simple and secure signing with a single platform

Oodrive_sign enables you to send and sign any digital document in just a few clicks. Create an environment of trust by ensuring the security of documents and guaranteeing their probative value, streamline your signature workflows and boost the productivity of your teams.

Create trust

Sign your digital documents and have them signed by your customers and partners while creating a solid foundation of trust: probative value of documents guaranteed, compliance with eIDAS regulations, choice of level of signature depending on the transaction and the business sector, identification of signatories by means of electronic certificates.

Streamline your signature procedures

Offer your customers and users completely digitised and simpler signature procedures, accessible through a turnkey application or an API incorporated into your information system. Reduce your processing times and costs while making things easier for your contacts and boosting the image of your company as innovative.

Say goodbye to paper

Implement electronic signature in your organisation and increase the dematerialisation of all your HR activities to gradually free yourself from hard copies, and thus make huge savings while doing something positive for the planet. You will also be adding security and confidentiality to your exchanges.

Features designed to simplify your signatures


Simple and intuitive interface for a quick start and immediate ROI.

Monitoring of documents to be signed

Overview and monitoring of documents being signed thanks to indicators.

Security of exchanges

Verification of the signatory's identity and validation of consent via OTP SMS.

eIDAS compliance

Regulatory compliance with eIDAS, which guarantees the probative value of documents.

Integration via API

Incorporation of the application into your information system and adaptation to your business processes.

Contact solicitation

Implementation of validation procedures with solicitation of contacts who need to sign.

Multi-document signature

Simultaneous signing of several digital documents with a single click.

Choice of signature level

Simple, advanced or qualified signature depending on the level of warranty desired.

Natural person signature

Use of certificates adapted to natural persons.


Optimisation of the user path while guaranteeing the probative value of the signature.

Validation procedures

Monitoring of validation procedures to ensure full control of signature processes.

Automatic reminder

Management of signature deadlines with an automatic reminder system.

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Address book

Management of contacts and groups for each of the business modules signed for and activated on oodrive_platform.

Access management

Access and authentication settings (several controls available).

User management

Creation, configuration and management of all user accounts, with the possibility of assigning roles to them.

Customisation of graphics

Adaptation of the platform's interface to the company's graphic charter.

Reports and options

Management of business module options and monitoring of user activities on the platform.

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