Rely on a recognized Trusted Third Party

Deploy trusted digital services while ensuring regulatory compliance. The services of the Sign range are run by CertEurope, an Oodrive group company and Trusted Third Party complying with the RGS [French security guidelines] and European eIDAS Regulations. Developed in France, our solutions meet ANSSI (National Agency of Information System Security) requirements. 

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Ensure the security of your services and digital transactions

Our solutions ensure secure communications between users and your organization The Sign services offers various levels of security tailored to your digital service needs. Protect yourself better against the threats of cybercrime by authenticating the identity of your partners, the confidentiality of your communications and the integrity of your documents.

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Build trust in your communications to boost your business activities

Designed for the cloud, the Sign solutions consist of a range of customizable services that can be integrated directly in your existing information systems. With Sign services, you can transform your applications into trusted digital services complying with the regulations and protected against risks. Our services stimulate your business activities by facilitating communications and providing clients with a secure, 100% digital experience. 

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