Prove and guarantee your identity online

with a full range of electronic certificates

A full range of electronic certificates

To identify and authenticate individuals, businesses and servers.

Different levels of security

Choose from a variety of different security and guarantee levels to meet all your needs.

A recognized Trusted Third Party

Our electronic certificates are produced by CertEurope, a leading French certification authority, in compliance with RGS (French security guidelines) and European eIDAS Regulations

Secure communications

between users and your organization

Heightened protection against identity theft

Our electronic certificates are issued following strict vetting procedures. Checks and verifications of identity documents guarantee the identity of their holders.

Guaranteed privacy of communications

The electronic certificates issued by CertEurope are based on asymmetrical encryption to ensure the privacy of your communications.

Fully secure roaming

Certificates on encrypted media provide users with a high level of security for authentication and access to online services and applications.

Build trust

in your communications to boost your business activities

Recognized and compatible certificates

Our electronic certificates comply with standard platforms and protocols on the market such as SIV, ACTES and HELIOS, EBICS TS and ERMES.

Simplifies user authentication

Available from a widespread distribution network in France, it is easy to learn to use our electronic certificates thanks to the intuitive software tool.

A 100% digital experience

With our electronic certificates, individuals and businesses can do their administrative tasks online, such as registration or replying to invitations to tender.

"We are overjoyed to consider Oodrive as a trusted partner with solid expertise in Digital Confidence. Oodrive immediately understood our needs and provided a safe and reliable in-house service. Thanks to this service, we have set up an optimal process to produce accredited e-certificates."

Thomas Germain, CIO of Spie Batignolles

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