Manage your media assets in your production processes

With the rapid growth in digital communication channels, businesses and agencies are producing more and more media files (images, videos, etc.). Such data must be easy to access and used both in-house and externally, which requires setting up a real media asset management system. Oodrive offers collaborative solutions as well as solutions dedicated to Media Asset Management tailored to the needs of professionals in the field.


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Simplify file sharing and make media assets accessible

Whether for in-house collaboration, or communications with clients or partners, you need to be able to make media assets available. Your sales team will benefit from the tools provided by the marketing teams. Project managers in agencies can create mini-websites for their clients. Oodrive solutions make the most of the media files you have available, allowing you to share them in the proper format.

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Long-term management of media assets

Media assets account for a considerable volume of data. It is important for companies to manage their long-term storage in an optimal manner so that they can be easily accessed at any time. Oodrive offers a two-fold solution by optimizing storage while at the same time providing an interface for you to index, search, view and retrieve cold media assets to match your procedures as closely as possible.

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