Electronic signature

oodrive_sign : The electronic signature with legal value

Today, the electronic signature has become an essential part of dematerialization processes. The generalized teleworking has highlighted this tool and boosted its use to facilitate exchanges between the various stakeholders. It is a must have to take advantage of a 100% digitalized process.

Whatever the direction in which you evolve, our electronic signature application adapts to all professions and will allow you to :

Have your agreements signed in a few clicks

Facilitate the daily work of your teams by automating the validation workflows. Import your documents into the application and send them for signature in just a few steps. Increase the productivity of your exchanges and your teams who can focus on their core business.

Revolutionize your user experience

Easily insert personalization fields in contracts thanks to Smartfields and feed data into your information systems. Save time with the automatic collection of documents from signatories from the application. Sign your documents wherever you are, even without internet access with the offline mode. We offer a simple and flexible solution, depending on your needs – API or platform.

Centralize and manage your activity in real time

Visualize and track the life cycle of your contracts thanks to a fully customizable dashboard to ensure the most ergonomic and intuitive experience possible. Follow up with your signatories in one click. Bring up and exploit the data contained in the contracts in your information systems.

Manage your documents in full security and compliance

  • Compliant with the European eIDAS regulation
  • Trusted third party
  • GENERALI protection for a guaranteed legal validity throughout Europe
  • Confidentiality of signatories (RGPD). Your agreements and evidence files are secure


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Sign your documents electronically and guarantee their integrity

Choose an electronic signature solution that is easy to use and complies with legal requirements (eIDAS regulation, RGS reference), backed by a rigorous Trusted Third Party !

Frequently Asked Questions

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    An electronic signature is a dematerialised signature. More than simply the digital equivalent of a handwritten signature, it is a technical process by which a signatory appends their agreement (signature) to a digital document, using a dedicated tool.

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    Signing a document electronically requires the use of a signature tool (which irrevocably confirms the signer’s engagement and guarantees the integrity of the signed document) and the support of on electronic licence provided by a Trusted Third Party.

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    An electronic signature reduces processing times, improves document security and traceability, ensures legal compliance, optimises signature procedures, saves money and protects the environment (by reducing the use of paper).

Manage your sensitive data with confidence