While the global pandemic has spurred the digital transformation of businesses, it has also profoundly changed the ways in which these organisations communicate and exchange. According to an Ifop study, 51% of meetings now take place online.

In parallel to these figures, cyber attacks are on the rise, having increased in 2021 and in the first quarter of 2022. In fact, as strange as it may seem, board meetings are still frequently lacking in terms of security.

According to a Forrester study, in Europe, 50% of exchanges between boardroom members take place… via private messages.

Carefully selecting a suitable management tool is therefore essential in order to facilitate, optimise and safeguard this type of meeting. Here are some tips to make the right choice.

A management tool that genuinely facilitates exchange and discussion

Holding increasingly frequent meetings is one thing, making sure they are genuinely worthwhile and beneficial in the long term is another.

That’s why you must be certain that your future management tool genuinely facilitates exchange and discussion, without making the daily lives of those who use it any more complicated.

A unique, straightforward and intuitive tool will make your exchanges more meaningful and allow everyone to focus on what really matters.

Accordingly, make sure your solution allows you to define an agenda and attach the documents needed for the smooth running of your meetings.

It must also be conducive to fast, effective collaboration, for example by allowing these same documents to be annotated ahead of the meeting.

Similarly, consideration should be given to the minutes and reports of your meetings. By facilitating access to them by all those involved, these documents should properly fulfil their role.

Check that your exchanges remain confidential

As we have seen, secure, confidential exchanges are essential for your company. This issue must be taken seriously.

Accordingly, the tool you adopt must satisfy stringent requirements. For this purpose, you should check that the host servers are duly certified (e.g. by ANSSI, the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems).

Similarly, access to the management tool must comply with the strictest security standards: unique password, and compatibility with hardware solutions like FaceID or TouchID.

Also bear in mind that today’s solutions can adapt to the specificities of your organisation and thus adhere to your organisation’s internal regulations.

Support the organisation of the Board members

Finding a time slot suitable to all board members can quickly become a complicated endeavour. Available time slots in their schedules are usually limited.

To facilitate the dispatch of invitations, you must choose a management tool that can identify these times, and quickly manage them in case of any cancellation or last-minute change.

In addition, ongoing and intuitive access to documents specific to management committees, executive committees and executive boards is vital in order for each member to efficiently fulfil their role without wasting any time.

Choose a tool that concurrently facilitates the management of these documents and of each user’s rights. This is the best way to ensure smooth and efficient collaboration.

Moreover, it must be possible to notify each participant and provide them with the information that concerns them, depending on their position and their sphere of responsibility.

A solution that includes a feature for issuing notifications is essential in this respect.

Choose a solution that will integrate smoothly within your company

Gone are the days when multiple solutions would pile up one on top of the other, to the exasperation of managers and employees.

Are your employees used to working with certain tools such as Teams? Make life easier for them by selecting a tool compatible with their working habits, and that will integrate smoothly in the organisation of their daily activities.

Likewise, you should opt for a tool with an API that will allow for tight integration to further gain in efficiency and simplicity.

Attract the future generation of leaders

With the arrival of the new generation of company leaders, board rooms are increasingly occupied by the under 40s.

These leaders are invariably familiar with the latest technologies, and particularly attentive to the way in which their structures are organised.

By taking heed of the above tips, you will be in a better position to gain the attention — and retain — the leaders of tomorrow.