Makes it easy to prepare and hold meetings

BoardNox lets you transition to paperless meetings in no time thanks to its easy-to-learn interface.

Get started immediately

Your users, even if total beginners in IT, will master BoardNox in no time, thanks to its ergonomic and intuitive interface.

Helps prepare you for meetings

You can eliminate redundant letters and e-mails, massive printouts and attachments, postage expenses or messaging size limitations.

More fluent communications

The meetings are paperless. It is easier to send, track and access information.

Become more efficient and productive in your meetings

You can find all the information for your meetings in a single space.

Access all the information for your meetings in just a few clicks

The schedule, participants and documents are centralized in a single space where you can easily find the latest versions.

Meetings prepared and conducted effectively

… thanks to numerous specific features. Everything you need to make meetings run smoothly is at your fingertips: annotations, instant messaging, voting, the BoardBook and so on.

Documents accessible whenever and wherever

Whether in the office or on the road, from your workstation or tablet, continuously and simultaneously with other participants, online or off.

Protect your sensitive data

Maintain complete control over your company’s confidential documents and strategic data

Protection against risks such as data loss,

information leaks and industrial espionage. The data is stored in a secure space outside the company network and access requires user authentication.

Data security before, during and after meetings

Access, storage, sharing, modifications and instant messaging are controlled through cutting-edge technologies and security parameters.

Your data will remain yours,

protected by cutting-edge technologies and the strictest certifications. Your data will be hosted in France, within the EU legal framework, ensuring maximum protection of privacy for corporate data.

“We didn't hesitate a second before placing our trust in Oodrive again.” BoardNox suits our needs exactly, in terms of both mobility and confidentiality.

Philippe Pung, MEDEF's ISD

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