Secure access to sensitive documents

concerning financial transactions, real estate, biotech, strategy, etc.

Control over the available documents

Thanks to advanced state-of-the art security features, you can ensure the confidentiality of sensitive legal or financial documents: dynamic watermarking, control of remote access rights to documents and read-only mode.

Information access control

All your information will be completely bulletproof thanks to multiple authentication and encryption mechanisms that help optimize the guaranteed security of the solution.

Your data will remain yours

protected by the strictest certifications and hosted in France, within the EU legal framework, the maximum protection of privacy for corporate data.

Increase your productivity

and carry out confidential projects under optimal conditions

Eliminate time-consuming and stressful communications back and forth

Your information will be available to all users, and updated in real time.

Negotiations will be performed more quickly

The Q&A module automates the question-and-answer process essential in such interactions with full, dynamic management of queries.

Instant identification of points of interest

Thanks to the customizable reporting module, you can identify the most active groups, the most frequently viewed documents, the most frequently searched keywords. It is a big help when preparing for discussions with buyers.

Simplify the performance of sensitive operations

by replacing physical data rooms with virtual ones

Easily accessible documents

Data is stored centrally in a single space that is intuitive and easy to use. The solution is based entirely online, so it doesn’t matter where in the world your users are.

Clear and controlled document management

Thanks to an automatic indexing system, your collaborators will easily find the documents they’re looking for. Moreover, at the end of the project, you will be left with a complete history of the transaction made available for export by Oodrive.

A data Room tailored to your activities

Guided by the setup tool, you can easily create and control the data room. Import a tree structure with automatic indexing, choose the desired notification options, set up the Q&A module and manage user rights.

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