Electronic signature & Bancassurance: A digital solution for workflows and contracts

Perspectives - Electronic signature & bancassurance More and more contracts are now being concluded online. And the bancassurance sector is one of the pioneers leading the way in this field. Renaud Ferran, Head of Digital Marketing at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, and Cédric Mermilliod, Senior VP of Oodrive, talk to us about this rapidly developing phenomenon. The electronic signature serves…

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Electronic signature: the path to standardization

Perspectives - Electronic signature The electronic signature is still facing huge hurdles in businesses, with public authorities lacking a firmly established digital identity. We invited Jean-Pierre Quémard - Chair of the Digital Trust Alliance in France - and Frédéric Fouyet - Innovation Director at Oodrive - to discuss why this is happening. How well developed are businesses when it comes…

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Choose your method of electronic signature

The electronic signature serves as a mark of confidence in your digital communications. Its features make it a tool that provides more efficiency, reliability, and security than a manual process ever could. It essentially allows you to identify the signatory (individual or company) with certainty, to confirm their commitment by sealing the document, and ensure the integrity of the signed…

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Sharing data in the public sector: how the EU is making it easier to access and re-use public data

EU negotiators reached an agreement on January 22, 2019, making it easier to share public sector data within the digital single market. The meeting aimed to develop a revised directive that will facilitate the availability and re-use of data in the public sector. The European Commission was keen to stress that data plays a vital role in today's economy, especially…

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How to make sure you’re compliant with the Market Abuse Regulation

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) entered into force on July 3, 2016, with three main objectives. It seeks to ensure that the regulations develop at the same speed as the market. It strengthens the mechanisms to combat market abuse by laying down new requirements. And it is also intended to consolidate the power that regulators have to impose sanctions. But these…

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Protecting your data and your private life: USA vs EU

Patriot Act, Freedom Act, Cloud Act… all the various legislation that has been adopted in the United States over the past few years is worrying businesses in Europe. But are they right to be concerned? At a time when the digital revolution is accelerating at an enormous pace, everything rests on the solutions implemented by organizations. The decision to trust…

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