How to make an electronic signature ?

make electronic signature

With the health crisis, companies have been forced to start or continue their digital transformation. The implementation of an electronic signature solution is now part of the fundamentals of any dematerialisation process. However, in the organisational haste generated by the covid-19 effect, managers often overlooked the essential points of arbitration when choosing the solution. What […]

Is the scanned signature legally valid ?

scanned signature

The process of digitalisation has become an essential part of employees’ lives. For actions that are as common as they are essential, such as signing a contract, for example, electronic signatures provide a significant productivity gain. However, although this process of dematerialising signatures is well known to companies, particularly because of the covid-19 health crisis, […]

Electronic signature for small and medium-sized businesses

electronic signature

The electronic signature is a reliable, practical and fast solution, which allows you to improve your productivity. Indeed, purchase orders, invoices or employment contracts are signed in just a few clicks. It is therefore a particularly effective way of dematerialising your contractual relations with your employees and customers. In addition to the considerable savings in […]

The benefits of the electronic signature

benefits electronic signature

Although the digital transformation was already well underway for many companies, it was not until the covid 19 pandemic that the electronic signature market took a real leap forward. Let’s find out together what the (many) benefits of the electronic signature are. A few figures on the electronic signature Here is our infographic showing the […]

Electronic signature : an update on its legal value

signature electronique

Saving time, simplifying exchanges, optimising the user experience, reducing costs… The advantages attributed to the implementation of electronic signatures are numerous and now well known. Although the health crisis has considerably increased the use of electronic signature tools, key criteria such as the security of content or the recognition of the service providers used have […]

In short : the history of the electronic signature

Definition : The electronic signature is a mechanism for guaranteeing the integrity of a digital document and authenticating its author, by analogy with the handwritten signature on a paper document. The signature has taken on its meaning since the need for document authentication, and its form has evolved. Initially seen as a simple sign of […]

The electronic signature : Keep your business running

Signature électronique : un indispensable

It was in the 1990’s that we first talked about signing electronically. The electronic signature enters the French law on March 13th, 2000 after the European directive of December 13th, 1999. Until now, handwritten and electronic signatures coexisted. However, the unprecedented context caused by the covid-19 health crisis forces us to rethink our ways of […]

The electronic signature : what benefits for your company ?

Signature électronique

In a context of digitalization of the customer journey in the BtoC and BtoB sphere, we note nevertheless a sector in which there is still much to do. The preferred validation process in companies is still the paper signature. When subscribing to a service or an agreement between two entities, despite the lack of confidentiality, […]

Add some flexibility to your electronic signature process

In May 2019, Oodrive announced it had acquired LegalBox, a workflow automation and electronic signing system specialist. The new acquisition adds another building block to the group’s range of digital trust solutions, helping you to manage the electronic signature process. So, what is an electronic signing system? And how does it benefit companies and public […]

Electronic invoicing: how do you make processes simple and secure?

Digital technology is everywhere – in the public and private sector alike. This technology is simplifying internal and external communications between customers, suppliers, and partners. With the right tools, companies possess an unparalleled level of security, which is essential considering the level of today’s cyberthreat. As the needs of organizations for greater efficiency and security […]